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Monday, December 14, 2015

Bill Whittle and Moderate Muslims

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Last Thursday Night I had the opportunity to listen to Bill Whittle of PJ Media give a presentation.  His talk largely focused on the San Bernardino mass shooting, and his feelings about Islam.  Most of what he said was right on, but he kept talking about the "moderate Muslims," and how we must defeat radical Islamists to keep the moderates from wanting to become radical.  I disagree with him on that point.

The broad, but largely accurate, statement is that Islam is Islam.  There are no moderates.  Radical extremists have not hijacked Islam.  Islam is all about jihad, and seeking to create a worldwide caliphate.  All jihadists may not be violent, however.  Those that are not violent are not moderates, they are simply Muslims committing jihad in a different way.  Jihad is all about furthering the extent of Islam.  Jihad can be committed by making lots of babies, immigrating into non-Muslim countries, building mosques, accusing those that disagree as being "Islamophobes," acting offended at a public meeting or event, and so on and so on.

If there are Muslims that do not care to commit jihad, they are one of two things.  Either, they are not a very good Muslim, or they don't consider themselves Muslim, but are too afraid to become an apostate.

Islam is not tolerant, it does not believe in the freedom of speech or religion.  The teachings of the Koran, or sharia, are not compatible with the United States Constitution.  Therefore, Trump is right.  Until we can figure out how to properly authenticate that the "migrants" or "refugees" are not members of the enemy that want to kill us, we must deny entry to Muslims into the United States.

Article I, Section 9 gives to Congress the authority to prohibit certain persons from migrating into this country for a reason.  Article IV., Section 4 tasks the federal government with protecting the States from invasion.  The current policy demanding States accept migrants because the federal government said so is not only against those parts of the Constitution, but also betrays the 10th Amendment.  There is no authority for the federal government to pass any law forcing States to accept migrants, or refugees.  There is no constitutional clause prohibiting the States from refusing the acceptance of migrants and refugees.  Therefore, the federal government cannot force the States to accept these people.

Furthermore, before all of the leftists out there decide to call this writer a racist, or bigot, or Islamophobe, let us remember that this isn't about religion or race.  This is about an ideology that continuously calls for the destruction of Israel and America, and continuously slaughters all of those that dare to stand against them.  This is all about National Security.  This is about being smart enough to realize that Islam has declared war on the United States, and are now trying to infiltrate our country with immigration, and a flood of "refugees."

If this was the 1940s, and these people were Nazis, would we be so quick to let them in?

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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