Sunday, December 06, 2015

ChiComm Plague Weapon?

by JASmius

First, they have a cloning factory? Well, gee, there's nothing terrifying about that, now is there?

Second, Mr. Xu isn't concerned about "public reaction," he's concerned about the ChiComm government's reaction - this is Red China we're talking about, after all. But I can't see why Beijing wouldn't be all in on the idea of cloning whole armies of supersoldiers (al a Star Wars Episode II), and mass-producing legions of super-plague weapons, and heaven knows what else with this technology. [emphasis added]

- Me, four days ago

You tell me, folks:

Scientists warned of the "epidemic potential" of deadly and fast-spreading bacteria resistant to last-line antibiotics.

The new superbugs, found in southern China, could erase nearly a century of antibiotic protection against killer diseases born by common germs such as E. coli, the researchers reported in a study.

"These are extremely worrying results," said Jian-Hua Liu, a professor at Southern Agricultural University in Guangzhou and co-author of the study.

Liu and colleagues found a gene, called MCR-1, that makes bacteria resistant to a class of antibiotics, known as polymyxins, used to fight superbugs.

The gene - detected in common but deadly bacteria such as E. coli and K. pneumoniae, which causes pneumonia and blood disease - effectively makes these bacteria invincible.

Even worse, MCR-1 allows the bacteria to spread easily from one strain or species to another, said the study, published in Lancet Infectious Diseases. [emphases added]

Invincible bugs, highly communicable, high morbidity rate.  Sounds like an engineered plague WMD to me.

I report, you decide.

But don't forget to wash your hands and wear your surgical mask.

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