Thursday, December 03, 2015

Climate Change and Workplace Violence

By Allan McNew

According to the Progressive - socialist pocket guide to sociopolitical spin, climate change propelled a San Bernardino county government employee in Redlands, California to commit workplace massacre on 12/2/15 .

Before such incidents are over, and certainly before investigative conclusions can jell, it is mandatory to call for more gun control in one of the most restrictive gun control states in the nation. There is to be no mention that manufacture, possession, transportation and use of improvised explosive devises related to the incident has hefty criminal penalties.

The macro aggressive act of having a lunchtime Christmas party on county property is to be denounced as intolerant, divisive and obstructive of diversity as well as violating separation of church and state.

Furthermore, the term "gunmen" in the media is misogynistic and demeans women. The proper term is "gun persons".

To consider such media related concepts in the investigation as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, an apparent middle eastern Islamic mail order bride, unusual residential activity at odd hours combined with visitor traffic normally associated with drug dealing, social media profile describing urban target shooting in the back yard as a hobby, perpetrator filming of the event, use of a residence as a bomb factory, and sudden interest in growing a full beard after a visit to Saudi Arabia is racist, discriminatory, (*) profiling, and is a form of ethnic cleansing.

In any event, it is expressly forbidden to use the term "Radical Islamic terrorism".

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