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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Democrats Opt For Political Suicide Via Gun Control Litmus Test

by JASmius

Democrats know the above is the fundamental logic of gun control.  They simply do not care.  Being part of the criminal element themselves, they know useful violent crime waves are for manipulating and stampeding and bulldozing the general public against their own interests to forfeit their constitutional liberties in a "We've gotta DO something!!!!" panic.  Or as besieged Chicago Mayor Raum Emanual put it seven years ago, "We can never let a crisis go to waste, because it enables us to do things that we never could have otherwise".

The problem for Democrats is that, as I have observed many times in this space, gun control is one of the few issues they have never managed to successfully put over with We the People.  I can't honestly say I understand why, either, as their emotional manipulation and psych-ops and playing on one "deadly sin" or another has been pretty much universally successful otherwise.  Apparently the fundamental logic of gun control is so easy to grasp that most Americans understand it instinctively, even without the benefit of constitutional instruction in the Founding Fathers' original intent - manifested, in this instance, in Amendment II.

But, of course, the Left never gives up on any of its wingnut causes, ever.  So they keep pushing gun control, ever more frantically and stridently.  And the harder they push for it, the more Americans they alienate and "stampede and bulldoze" to the nearest gun emporium, propelling the record gun sales of the past year or two.

If a scam isn't convincing its intended suckers, pushing it honestly and, well, pushily, isn't going to magically change their minds.  Which means the next step is likely to be the figurative pulling of a gun on them to force them in the intended direction.  This will be manifested by Barack Obama's long-expected Australia-style gun confiscation Executive Order(s).  How that meshes up with "record U.S. gun sales" should make that op fascinating to watch, no?

In the mean time, gun control is fast becoming as hardcore a litmus test in the Democrat Party as abortion has been for decades.  The results of which, depending on the State and district, will be just as electorally predictable as they look:

Democrats who at one time enjoyed the National Rifle Association's "A" ratings are now starting to shift their positions, reflecting voters who almost all support more strict gun laws and while fighting against their more pro-gun control challengers.

"It's now a wedge issue, not just between Democrats and Republicans, but between Democrats, over who can be the strongest on this issue," Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, told Politico.

Her organization is part of an [extremist] group, Everytown for Gun Safety, which is backed by former [drumroll] New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Remember in the 2004 presidential campaign when John Kerry shuffled into that Ohio gun shop like Thurston Howell III and told the proprietor, "I'd likes to get me a huntin' rifle" in a chowdah-thick drawl that has to be the most witch's-brew unique accent hybrid in the history of the spoken word?  Or how resolutely pro-gun Al Gore was four years before that?  Good times, good times.  Now Dems who have been pro-gun - and supported and even endorsed by the NRA! - in the past are being, well, "stampeded and bulldozed" against the Second Amendment for fear of being excommunicated from their own party as it lurches ever further and more radically leftward overall.

Ex-Ohio Governor Ted Strickland is a prominent example:

For example, in Ohio, former Governor Ted Strickland, who once enjoyed NRA support, is being fought for the Ohio Senate primary by Cincinnati City Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld campaign, who is pushing hard on Strickland's former embrace of guns.

The former governor, who also served in the U.S. House of Representatives, "has now experienced an election-year conversion on the subject of guns," Dale Butland, Sittenfeld's campaign spokesman, told Politico.

The NRA endorsed Strickland for governor over Republican John Kasich in 2010, but he says his position on guns changed after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in 2012, and spoke in favor of the universal background check bill after that. [emphasis added]

Thus kissing off the NRA and a very large portion of his base support, making him correspondingly less competitive in a swing State that has a stubbornly strong "gun culture".

But as is also the case as leftwingnuts go further and further off the cliff ideologically, they also retreat ever deeper into the delusionalism that the American people agree with them, producing lunatic statements like the following:

Democrat consultant Martha McKenna compared the opinion shift to what happened with [sodo]marriage.

A bogus analogy, as the courts are not inflicting gun control on the country against the people's will.

"I think candidates who carry 'A' ratings from the NRA into a race, but now have a more middle-of-the-road opinion on guns, are representative of where our country is," McKenna said.

"The country is changing . . . Candidates have an opportunity to do that as well, if they handle it the right way."

The country is changing,'s becoming more heavily armed.  Just as it's become a lot "redder" at every level of government from coast to coast.  Trends that Democrats seem bound and determined to exacerbate to their own doom.

Lock & load, Jackasses, lock & load.

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