Sunday, December 06, 2015

Greenstremists Admit Global Warming Is Superstitious Nonsense

by JASmius

Does the following not conclusively settle the question about what an unscientific fraud anthropogenic "climate change" is that even the political hacks who masquerade as "scientists" are now openly acknowledging that the whole thing is a pagan religious rite?  And is it not all the more despicable - and entirely to be expected - that they're trying to hijack the Catholic Church in order to "deceive, if possible, even the elect"?:

The cold hard numbers of science [snort] haven't spurred the world to curb runaway global warming. [emphasis added]

 This is an Assholiated Press "news" story, remember.

So as climate negotiators struggle in Paris, some scientists who appealed to the rationale [sic] brain....

i.e. Gullible, unthinking, and easily led around by various parts of their anatomy.

....are enlisting what many would consider a higher power: the majesty of faith.

By twisting it to dishonest, evil purposes.

It's not God versus science, but followers of God and science together trying to save humanity and the planet, they say.

Small "g" god, you mean - as in "the god of this world."  Also known as the devil and Satan.

"Physicist" John Schellnhuber, founder of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, said he has been coming to these international talks for eleven years and essentially seen negotiators throw up their hands and say "sorry guys we tried our best." And no one protested.

Because simply lying about the data didn't work because those mendatious omissions and statistical cherry-picking would always get exposed.  And also because, as I keep pointing out, the public isn't willing to be sold down the river to the collective poor house to pay for an unobtainable fraud sold to them on demonstrably false pretenses.

And given what the Left thinks religious faith is - gullible, unthinking, and easily lead around - why else would they not seek to harness that bigoted perception in service to their own religious mania?

But this time, with the power of Pope Francis' encyclical earlier this year calling global warming a moral issue and an even more energized interfaith community, Schellnhuber feels the world's faithful are watching and will hold world leaders accountable.

Only if the greenstremists are overwhelmingly successful in infiltrating the Church.  And let us remember that outside the Christian evangelical community, "the Church" is a highly suspect term.

But let's not lose sight of what has taken place here: "Global warming" is now, officially, no longer about "science"; it's on blind faith that We the People are being bulldozed into committing economic suicide for no genuine or good reason.  The criminal fraud has reached metaphysical levels.

And it must be stopped, once and for all, by any means necessary.


God willing.

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