Monday, December 14, 2015

Hardcore Ex-Gitmo Jihadist Calls For Inquiry Into "Abuses"

by JASmius

Behold, a prominent member of the ruling class of Obamerikastan - and the Western world as well, my friends.  And never forget: This is what sixty-two million Americans voted for - twice:

The last British resident held at Guantanamo Bay says former Prime Minister Tony Blair and other senior officials should be granted legal immunity to reveal what they knew about British complicity in abuses during the so-called war on terror. [emphasis added]

Dead give-away that this is an Assholiated Press story, isn't it?

Shaker Aamer, forty-eight, was freed in October after almost fourteen years at the U.S. detention facility in Cuba.

Of course, he was.

He's also a Saudi violent jihadist who infiltrated Great Britain in the '90s by marrying a British "infidel" woman and then, having learned and/or gained all that he required from that op, later shared an apartment with the infamous Zacarias Moussaoui, who was convicted of taking part in the September 11th conspiracy, and then departed for Talibanistan to join al Qaeda's looming North American offensive.

But remember, it's Aamer that is the injured party here.

Aamer told ITV News "we need to hear the truth" from Blair and others but "you are not going to get the truth from these people if they are scared." [emphasis added]

Of whom?  You?  THAT I could see.

In the interview broadcast Monday, he said he wanted an inquiry to find out the truth but said "nobody should be prosecuted because of what happened in the past."

Gee, that's generous of him.

Aamer says he was tortured by U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Guantanamo — and that British intelligence agents knew of the abuse.

Coercive interrogations are not "torture".  And the fact that he's whinily trying to ex post facto relabel them as "torture" tells me that he sang like a bird and wants retribution.  He's simply seeking it by using the "infidels'" own laws and misplaced "values" against them.

For now.

During World War II, the Nazi illegal combatants that tried to infiltrate the U.S. to commit sabotage and terrorism - and were quickly captured - weren't chauffeured to a comfortable tropical locale where all their physical, mental, and spiritual needs were lavishly met.  They were coercively interrogated and then summarily executed.  Which used to be the fate of illegal enemy combatants back when the U.S. and its Western allies were serious, period.  The fact that this Aamer farce is being not just allowed, but cultivated - hell, his being turned loose in the first place - depressingly tells us all we need to know about why the Global Jihad is winning the "so-called war on terror".

The "strong horse," in short, is stronger than ever, and getting stronger with each passing day.

While Zacarias Moussaoui's roommate is demanding, and doubtless receiving, his "official inquiry" into "American torture," which Barack Obama will doubtless be happy to accommodate, the Islamic State is about to storm our embassy in Ankara:

The U.S. Embassy in Turkey says it has shifted to "limited operations" due to an unspecified security threat.

An embassy spokeswoman in Ankara on Monday could not provide information on the security threat but said the limited operations would continue through Tuesday.

Last week, the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul warned U.S. citizens to avoid the building due to information about an imminent security threat and suspended consular services for a day.

Unconfirmed Turkish news reports said the Consulate was placed on alert following intelligence about possible plans by Islamic State [jihadist]s for a suicide attack.

Oh, but fear not, my friends, I'm sure they'll be guests on the Shaker Aamer Show before year-end, waxing gleefully about all their grievances against the "Crusaders" and how we'll deserve everything we get.

Maybe they'll decapitate Aamer's ex-wife on camera.

UPDATE: As though I had choreographed it myself....:

Barack Obama has vowed to push ahead with plans to close the Guantanamo Bay prison for terror suspects, despite evidence that a substantial number of former detainees have returned to the battlefield.

In an interview with Yahoo News that was published Monday, Obama said the strategic benefits of closing the notorious facility outweighed incidents of recidivism among "low-level" former inmates.

The White House itself admits that around 10% of those released from Guantanamo have resumed fighting for Islamic organizations....

Which lowballs that percentage shamelessly.

....but says it is more important to shutter a facility that has become a recruiting tool for [jihadis]ts.

Getting captured by the enemy motivates frontrunners like Muslims to rush right out and get captured themselves?  I never have understood that motivation.  I imagine it comes from leftwingnuts being such defeat-fetishists themselves on everything save for their insatiable lust for their own power.

Does Shaker Aamer sound like his passion for jihad has been diminished by his having been set free by Barack Hussein Obama?  That's not how it sounds to me.

Obama's comments come as Sudanese [Muslim] Ibrahim al-Qosi -- who was released in 2012 - seemingly appeared in a recent video by Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.

But not to worry, folks; I'm sure he's just there to express his gushing gratitude to Barack Hussein Obama for releasing him, and to show his appreciation by persuading AQAP to lay down their arms and sue for peace.

He's probably throwing in a DVD set of The One's Middle East speeches as a bonus gift.

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