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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hillary Clinton: "Donald Trump Is ISIS's Best Recruiter"

by JASmius

Apparently there was a large pitcher of water suspended above the middle podium, and it overturned, and, well....

But before it did, we got more of the usual from these Donk "debates" - did you know there was another Donk debate last night?  They might as well have held it in a closet (the better for all the participants to "come out of it") - Bernie Sanders apologizing for puncturing the fiction that Mrs. Clinton is not the "Democrat frontrunner," Martin O'Malley trying to figure out what to do with himself at a podium designed for a third grader since nobody gave a flying frak what he would say anyway, and the Empress adding to her immense body of work in creative extemporaneous fiction.

We could spend time on her howling claim that "guns kill thirty thousand Americans per year," but mercifully, Jazz Shaw already covered that one, leaving us free to dine on this tasty fabrication entree:

Hillary Clinton claimed that Donald Trump “is becoming ISIS’s best recruiter. They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more jihadists.” A lot of people have argued that Trump’s rhetoric has aided ISIS, from terror experts to Whoopi Goldberg. But as far as we and other outlets can tell, there’s no evidence that jihadists are actually showing videos of Trump as a recruitment tool. We’ve asked the [Rodham] campaign for any evidence they have of this and will report back what they say.

The next-morning media spin on this royal gaffe is that "Well, Mrs. Clinton doesn't have any evidence to back up her claim, BUT WE'RE POSITIVE IT's TRUE!"  "Fake but accurate," in other words.  Oh, yes, and "Trust her".  Which is odd, in any case, because I've never understood liberals' neurotic obsession with words as opposed to actions.  Without the latter, after all, the former carry no weight or clout.  I can promise you that ISIS is not wasting any time on Donald Trump recruitment videos and would not under any circumstances, because who the hell is Donald Trump to them?  Or period?  Trump has no power, no ability to impede their march to global conquest.  His words don't matter to them, regardless of what he says, because he cannot act upon them, and wouldn't in reality even if he could.  To al-Baghdadi's boys, he's just one more soft, overweight, and in this case, loudmouthed infidel to be beheaded.

They're much more likely to use Hillary as a recruiter because she has a much greater chance of becoming president than Trump ever will.  They know she would be all words and no actions, just like her feckless predecessor.  They couldn't get a bigger and stronger jihadist magnet than that.

Maybe Her Nib should just stop talking about videos altogether, since doing so brings her nothing but trouble.

Now if she'd riffed on Trump's demonstrated success in recruiting witless Tea Partiers to the Democrat cause, THAT might have brought the house down....

UPDATE: Actually, the Old Harridan was taking a potty break.

If only she had to drag around a catheter and piss bag.....

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