Saturday, December 05, 2015

John Kerry Warns Of Israeli Victory Over Palestinian Authority

by JASmius

I haven't seen Sphincter-Mouth look this crestfallen since the day after the 2004 election.  He seems to be taking the reality check being delivered to the "Palestinian" people even harder than Mahmoud Abbas is:

[Commissar] of State John Kerry on Saturday said there were questions about how long the Palestinian Authority (PA) could survive and warned of the impact it would have on Israel.

Final victory has an "impact"?

"President Abbas spoke more despairingly my friends, than I have ever heard him about the sense of hopelessness that the Palestinian people feel," Kerry said in a speech at the Brookings Institution.

They feel hopeless because they've been locked into a permanent, bitter, hateful, poisonous, angry, bigoted war against the Jewish State that they cannot win but in which they keep being promised by anti-Semitic assclowns like Lurch that victory will be handed to them.  He should be telling them the facts of life, how the Pals need to stop perpetuating the "cycle of violence" and hatred and corruption and allow cultural healing to begin.  Not that Islam would allow anything so genuinely progressive, but it sure as shinola isn't the Jews' responsibility to rehabilitate their enemies, since they are not and never have been the Pals' exploiters and victimizers.

He said that Israel would have to shoulder some of responsibility, such as providing basic services in the West Bank, if the Palestinian Authority collapsed.

Well, Judea and Samaria are Israeli territory, so I would think that would be expected, and also a small price to pay for depriving Hamas of access to additional territory from which to potentially cut Israel in two.

Odd - and perhaps playing to a negative Jewish stereotype - that Kerry keeps trying to sell the Jews on propping up the PA on what are effectively fiscal grounds:

"Without the PA security forces [snicker] the (Israel Defense Forces) could be forced to deploy tens of thousands of soldiers to the West Bank indefinitely to fill the void," Kerry said.

"Are Israelis prepared for the consequences this would have for their children and grandchildren who serve in the (Israel Defense Forces)?"

He exaggerates.  But, again, what he's describing is the reoccupation and effective re-annexation of the West Bank.  And given how much land Israel has "exchanged" for a "peace" they've never received, I think it's safe to say that perpetual low-level conflict within their borders with full control of their territory is better than perpetual low-level conflict within their borders without that full control.

In other words, cheer up, Thurston, the news you're delivering is actually good.  You may not know what to do with it, but Bibi Netanyahu certainly does....

....until the Iranian nukes begin falling, anyway.

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