Monday, December 07, 2015

Loretta Lynch Moves To Federalize Chicago PD

by JASmius

Fresh from her recently announced crackdown on "anti-Muslim speech," the Reichfuhreress has now put the last component of Chicago's "Ferguson Effect" in place by bringing her and Red Barry's "Strong Cities Network".... the Windy City:

Loretta Lynch on Monday announced a federal civil rights probe into the Chicago police department's use of force, prompted by the 2014 shooting death of a black teenager.

The investigation comes amid rising tensions in the city following the release of a graphic dashcam video of the October 2014 incident that shows seventeen-year-old [, knife-wielding, PCP-frenzied] Laquan McDonald shot sixteen times by a police officer.

"Our investigation is focused on use of force and accountability," Lynch said.

"We'll be looking at how force including deadly force is handled, investigated and how officers are held accountable for that. That is our focus right now."

It's also none of your damn business.  Local officials have already filed murder charges against Officer Jason Van Dyke; let them

But of course, she won't do that, because local control of anything runs counter to the tyrannical Obamunist agenda that requires all power to be "redistributed" to President's Uniter's pen, phone, and putter.  After Ferguson (St. Louis), New York City, Cleveland, Madison (WI), and Baltimore, the pattern is indellibly established, with the only lingering question being how long they'll keep implementing SCN piecemeal before cutting to the chase and issuing an Executive Order imposing it on all State and local law enforcement at once.

In the mean time, one would think that emasculating the Chicago PD when the "City Of The Sagging Shoulders" is drowning in black-on-black violence is the last thing that African-American citizens would need, just as abolishing all its ridiculous and suicidal gun control statutes would be just what the proverbial doctor ordered.  And you'd be right about that, which is why O and Double-L are doing precisely the opposite.

The die is cast and the fix is in, folks.  We are all Barack Obama's property.  It's just a matter of when he comes to confiscate us.  Chicago just happens to be a lot closer to the head of the line.

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