Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Los Angeles Closes All Its Schools Over Credible Jihadist Threat

by JASmius

Obligatory question: Have we reached the point of fear where one crank can keep 640,000 students out of school for the day?  Answer: Yes!  We!  Have!  And you know what else?  Given recent events (Paris, San Bernardino) against the backdrop of the rise of ISIS over the past few years, this is an entirely prudent, rational, and responsible reaction:

An email threat sent to several Los Angeles Unified School board members that prompted a closure of all Los Angeles Unified Schools mentioned explosive devices, assault rifles and pistols and was traced to an IP address in Frankfurt, Germany, according to law enforcement sources.

All campuses were closed Tuesday morning after receiving what officials have called a "credible threat" of violence involving backpacks and packages left at campuses.

Law enforcement sources also said that the person who made the threats could have masked their location and that the origin is believed to be much closer than Germany. District officials have been looking into the threat since at least 10 p.m. Monday, according to a school police source. The FBI and LAPD are assisting the investigation.

Bogus, you say?  A crank, you say?  Well, okay, you can take cavalier chances with the lives of L.A. schoolchildren if you want, but remember that Syed Farook was casing schools judging by pictures of them he had on his cell phone.  Were the Muslim Bonnie & Clyde "lone wolves" or part of a jihadist cell?  After all, there are no softer targets than public schools these days.

The Muslim connection was made by none other than a Democrat congressman:

“I have reviewed the email that was sent to a Los Angeles school board member.

“The author claims to be an extremist Muslim who has teamed up with local jihadists. We do not know whether these claims are true or a lie. We do not know whether this email is from a devout Muslim who supports jihadists or perhaps a non-Muslim with a different agenda.
“The email makes relatively specific and wide raging threats to Los Angeles schools. We do not know whether some or all of the threats are truthful.

But we cannot responsibly or sanely take the chance that it isn't true.

The only thing we know is that the email was sent by an evil person.

i.e. A Muslim.

Amazing that a Democrat would (1) acknowledge the existence of genuine evil and (2) do so in even the general rhetorical vicinity of even a hypothetical Muslim.

“We also know what the LA school board has taken the strongest possible action to protect student safety.”

Kudos to them, all around, for opting to live in the real world for a change.  Pity New York City can't say the same thing.

Or, of course, the Obama Regime:

While the importance of metadata to American counterterrorism will continue to be a hot-button topic, the disastrous effect of the Snowden affair and its political aftershocks on our intelligence agencies is not up for debate. Neither is the fact, as attested to by several Western intelligence chiefs, that Snowden’s leaks have made terrorists more careful in their communications, and therefore more difficult to intercept. Just as bad, several top secret NSA programs, beyond metadata, that assisted counterterrorism have been downscaled since 2013 out of fears they may “look bad” if leaked.

“Before Snowden we had a definite bias for action,” explained a senior NSA official with extensive experience in counterterrorism. “But now we all wonder how the White House will react if this winds up in the newspapers.” “It’s all legal,” the official added, “the lawyers have approved, and boy do we have lots of lawyers – but will Obama throw us under the bus again?” [emphases added]

Yes!  He!  Will!  Because his Islamocommunist extremist ideology and lust for infinite power is more important to him than the American lives it is his sacred duty to protect.

That concern is widespread in American counterterrorism circles, where the Obama administration’s worries about appearing “Islamophobic” are well known. This White House early on warned intelligence personnel about using the term “Islamic terrorism” even in classified reports that would never be released to the public. “Since 2009 we’ve opened investigations of groups we knew to be harmless,” explained a Pentagon counterterrorism official, “they weren’t Muslims, and we needed some ‘balance’ in case the White House asked if we were ‘profiling’ potential terrorists.”...

At a minimum, this sort of institutionalized dysfunction at DHS and ICE needs Congressional investigation, and there should be little doubt that the White House was the originator of such escapism-as-policy. Until this mess gets sorted out, and immigrants receive a bare minimum of real security screening, we should expect more jihadists to enter our country. How many have entered since 2009 is a vexing question. [emphases added]

And a terrifying one, given what WMDs they may have brought with them.

So while God knows how many jihadists like Mr. & Mrs. Farook were waved into the country with no screening and not even a first glance, U.S. intelligence was doubtless profiling evangelical churches and Tea Party groups.  You know, "the REAL terrorists".  The wonder being that the White House didn't force them to conduct law enforcement raids and drag away pastors and congregants in chains and handcuffs for trumped up star chamber show trials.  You know, for "balance's" sake.

At least no American kids will perish at enemy hands in L.A.  Today, anyway.

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