Monday, December 14, 2015

Obama EPA Broke Law In Social Media Blitz For Illegal Water Nationalization

by JASmius

Remember the infamous EPA "Waters of the United States" rule?  The one that confiscated all water in the United States by the stroke of The One's bureaucratic pen?  And the rule that a federal judge in North Dakota heroically, if futilely, tried to injunct three months later?  It should come as no surprise, then, that EPA couldn't even promote this rule legally:

The Environmental P[ollu]tion Agency broke the law in a social media campaign intended to generate public support for a controversial rule to [confiscate] small streams and wetlands...., congressional auditors said Monday.

The EPA's campaign violated restrictions against lobbying and propaganda by federal agencies, the Government Accountability Office said in a twenty-six-page report. The agency blitzed social media in a campaign that urged the public to submit comments on the draft water rule. The effort [targeted] at least 1.8 million people.

Republican Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma said the GAO finding confirms what he has long suspected: "that EPA will go to extreme lengths and even violate the law to promote its [extrem]ist environmental agenda."

No mention whatsoever of the imposition of any consequences - sanctions, fines, jail time, etc. - for this latest round of Obamunist feloniousness.  Which just reinforces the old notion of it being better to obtain forgiveness than permission.  And this Regime doesn't even seek that, such is its abject contempt for the law.

And as you probably already deduced, they're not the slightest bit contrite:

The EPA said in a statement that it disagrees with the GAO's assessment, but will fulfill whatever reporting requirements are necessary.

"We maintain that using social media to educate the public about our work is an integral part of our mission," the agency's statement said. "We use social media tools just like all organizations to stay connected and inform people across the country about our activities."

On the water rule, the agency said its social media activity simply directed users to a general webpage about the Clean Water Rule and provided an Internet link to education and outreach materials, emails and presentations. Users also were told the deadline for submitting public comments and how to do so, said spokeswoman Liz Purchia.

And this is not explicit promotion?   Movie trailers don't even fit that description any better.

"At no point did EPA encourage the public to contact Congress or any State legislature," she said.

Because you worthless animals didn't have to.  In any case, I think the threshold is quite a bit lower than that.

Again, I am at a loss to understand why the Regime so crazedly promoted their forcible takeover of American water that they eviscerated another federal law in the process on something they were going to do regardless of what anybody else thought of it.  Chalk it up to their moral supremacism, I guess, and the accompanying compulsion to be seen and acknowledged as being morally superior, and rubbing our moral inferiority for wanting to retain our own private property to use as we see fit in our crimson, capillary-bursting faces.  Which is what makes the aforequoted rank condescension so blogfodderesque and traffic-worthy.  If they're going to bleep us with our own water, in other words, we ought to at least be able to respond in digital (heh) kind, until they come for our bodily fluids in the next, er, wave.

In short, "Thunderclap" THIS, you greenstremist fascists.  You don't want to find out how I'll turn over my saliva and urine.

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