Monday, December 14, 2015

Obama OPM Still Can’t Pass A Security Audit Six Months After Discovery Of ChiComm Cyberattack

by JASmius

When a White House coverup becomes no longer tenable - and the POTUS is a Democrat - you release the scandal piecemeal, in dribs and drabs that will run under the radar of an allied media that has no desire to or interest in exposing or covering it. Whatever initial headline splash there is is all their is, and by the time the true scope of the suppressed disaster comes to light, it will already be "old news". It's a tried & true technique that La Clinton Nostra pioneered twenty years ago, and which the Obama Regime has perfected.

- Me, six months ago

Only surprising and disappointing to anybody damn-fool naive enough to believe that a POTUS who thinks himself omniscient will ever bother learning from his ubiquitous mistakes.

If, you know, they were mistakes, and not deliberate and reckless endangerment of his purported countrymen:

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM), victim of a massive data breach [that only came to light] in July in which personal records of [thirty-two] million individuals were compromised [by Red Chinese intelligence], continues to struggle to meet security requirements, according to an audit by OPM’s Office of Inspector General (OIG).

The audit found that the OPM has made some progress improving security practices. But it found the agency lacking in many areas. …

“In the wake of this data breach, OPM is finally focusing its efforts on improving its IT security posture,” the report continued. “Unfortunately, as indicated by the variety of findings in this audit report, OPM continues to struggle to meet many FISMA requirements.”

The OIG said the audit shows an “overall lack of compliance that seems to permeate the agency’s IT security program.”

"Lack of compliance" with federal law is the epitome, the very essence, of the Obama Regime.  And so is the Obama Doctrine, of which a deliberate refusal to protect any confidential information whatsodamnever, is simply one more tentacle.  All of which is to assert yet again that this is not "incompetence," but deliberate malice aforethought.  Remember that the ChiComm hack wasn't a "cyber-Pearl Harbor," but had been going on for over a year at least, while at the same time OPM outsourced its IT contracts - once they belatedly decided they even needed IT services - to those same ChiComms.  Figure in the fact that OPM director refused to take the blame or assign any responsibility to anybody in her agency for the biggest enemy cyberbreach ever, and can anybody claim to be even mildly startled that absolutely nothing has changed half a year later?  These miserable Obamadrones are cyber-nudists and utterly immune to accountability, all residing within their demigod's royal protection.

Consequently, these are the "reform" results we have no excuse not to expect:

The agency showed poor judgment by delaying a full security assessment while it migrates applications into a new technical infrastructure, the audit said. “Combined with the inadequacy and non-compliance of OPM’s continuous monitoring program,” the audit said, “we are very concerned that the agency’s systems will not be protected against another attack.”

Among the findings, OPM has up to twenty-three systems that have not been subject to a thorough security controls assessment. “Combined with the inadequacy and non-compliance of OPM’s continuous monitoring program, we are very concerned that the agency’s systems will not be protected against another attack,” the OIG said. [emphasis added]

Well, look on the bright side, folks: Since Beijing totally cleaned out the OPM servers, there's nothing left for them to cyberplunder that they don't already have, right?  Other than anybody box-of-hair-stupid enough to actually apply for any kind of federal employment.  And frankly, that level of mongoloid deserves what he/she gets.

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