Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Obama's Under The Radar Comprehensive Immigration Reform

by JASmius

If Barack Obama wasn't possessed by a monstrous, gargantuan ego, this is the way he could and should have carried out his "fundamental transformation of the United States of America" - quietly, unobtrusively, and insidiously, frog-in-the-pot style, without anybody else even realizing what was happening.  Even Congress:

At least three million new foreign workers reportedly got the green light to enter the United States in 2013 alone — and a proposed $1.1 trillion funding bill does nothing to address the Obama administration's breakneck pace for issuing work permits, work visas and green cards, critics charge.

The Washington Free Beacon, citing data it obtained from the Congressional Research Service, reports the millions of new foreign workers in 2013 were primarily from from Mexico, [Red] China and India. [emphases added]

Moochers, spies, and Rajesh Koothrappali clones.

Citing unnamed sources and statistics it obtained, the Free Beacon reports 2014 permits continued to be issued at record numbers — including one million green cards with work authorizations, one million employment-based non-immigrant visas for foreign workers, and 1.2 million work-permit authorizations for foreign nationals.

The 2014 number of foreign workers in the United States was twenty-six million, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. [emphasis added]

About a sixth of the remaining, ever-dwindling U.S. workforce, in case you were keeping score at home with nothing else to do since your job was taken away from you and your career was destroyed.

Why is Congress putting on the brakes?  Are they complicit in this foreign, Obama-facilitated economic invasion?  Or is it just so buried in the bowels of these gigantic, Democrat-driven annual continuing resolutions that it's essentially on autopilot?:

"The omnibus will fund 100% of the continued issuance of work permits, work visas, green cards and refugee admits, continuing to accelerate the U.S. beyond all known historical immigration precedents," one congressional source tells the newspaper.

"The U.S. presently has four times more migrant residents than any other country in the world, regardless of population." [emphases added]

If Congress goes back to carefully debating, scrutinizing, and passing separate appropriations bills, Cabinet commissariat by Cabinet commissariat, "fundamental transformation" of the insidious kind would be a lot more difficult to keep under the radar and there would be correspondingly more time to tear out these sorts of catastrophic abuses, root and branch.  That's why the Democrats did away with regular budgeting years ago and kept this year-end crisis atmosphere in place, so they could hide all their shenanigans and force Republicans to have to pass them in a blackmailing "Pass it or shut down the government, you heartless anarchists!" atmosphere.  Until Ryan and McConnell put a stop to this fiscal terrorism once and for all, the quiet side of The One's hostile takedown of the Old American Republic will roll ever "forward" and onward.

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