Sunday, December 20, 2015

Paul Ryan's Turn

by JASmius

I yield the floor, Mr. Speaker:

House Speaker Paul Ryan has been the brunt of criticism from conservatives who say he gave away the store in the recent budget deal, but Ryan says he was victim of the current rules and things will be different in 2016.

"Let me first say, this is divided government,and in divided government, you don't get everything you want," Ryan said in an interview broadcast Sunday on Meet the Press, "So we fought for as much as we could get, we advanced our priorities and principles, not every single one of them but many of them and then we're going to pick up next year and pick up where we left off and keep going for more."...

"[What] I would say is this is the process I inherited. I fully owned that," Ryan said. "But it's also a process that will help us get to what we call 'regular order' next year where we don't wind up with the same kind of situation next year. That is my hope, and that is my goal." [emphases added]

Couldn't have put it any better myself.  Mainly because I DID so put it, almost verbatim, over the past few days.  Being echoed by the man who is second in the line of presidential succession is pretty heady stuff, even if it still doesn't pay anything.

So, my Tea Party friends, take my advice: Calm down, sit down, shut up, grow up, wise up, and get with the program.  Think of it this way: You wanted to get rid of John Boehner because of exactly this kind of weak-kneed irresponsible crapola, right?  Well guess what: YOU DID!!!  And now we have a Speaker who "gets it," and will do his best to do what we all want to be done.  Unless y'all throw him under the bus before he even gets the chance.

And if you do that, I'm the one who will be "angry as hell," and no Ram Restaurant & Brewery will deflect me from seizing the mighty KMET microphone and thundering it from the metaphorical broadcast rafters.

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