Friday, December 11, 2015

Planned Parenthood Sent Aborted Baby Fragments To Landfill

by JASmius

I know - not suspect, but know - that you're all thinking the same thing I am - "How could they throw away all that perfectly good inventory like that?"

Talk about "cripples" (bakery industry joke):

Ohio's top prosecutor says a State probe has concluded three Planned Parenthood clinics allegedly improperly disposed of [dead baby] parts in landfills, "mixing" the remains "with yesterday's garbage."

Yes, and?  That's what they consider babies to be, after all; at least the parts they can't sell at a tidy profit.

Attorney General Mike DeWine announced Friday his four-month investigation found disposal methods violated a State administration code adopted in 1975 that mandates a "[baby] shall be disposed of in a humane manner."

I wonder how many people will get the macabre irony of that mandate.

"Cooking and disposing of [babie]s is not humane," he said at a news conference announcing the findings, the Columbus Dispatch reports.

True; but neither is aborting them in the first place.  Once they're dead, what does it really matter how the pathetic remains are disposed of?  The problem is vastly further upstream in the "supply chain" (another bakery industry joke).

"It will come as a shock to Ohioans that [baby] remains are being mixed in with yesterday’s garbage.”

I doubt that.  But, regardless, would it be better if baby carcasses were flushed down the toilet instead?  Or fed through the nearest kitchen disposal?  Tossing them in landfills is as "humane" as any other method.  Better to not create the "fetal parts" in the first place.

But the fictional "war on women" will always take precedence over the all too real "war on babies," worlds without end, hallelujah, amen.

I'd suggest throwing the entirety of Planned Parenthood into a landfill with "yesterday's garbage," but I don't think there would be one big enough.  But the Laurentian Abyss?  Hey, if it was good enough for Megatron....

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