Monday, December 21, 2015

Poor Negotiators of the Republican Party

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The anger over the recent screwing of Americans through the omnibus bill is not just because the result of the "negotiations" was crumbs off of the liberal left's table.  Despite having a majority in both Houses of Congress the Republicans seem to act as if they are the minority.  The anger, especially after the voters gave the Republican Party a majority in both Houses, is that they didn't even try.  The GOP negotiated for what they knew the Democrats would be good with, and celebrated because they got a couple of tax breaks, and ended the ban on crude oil exports.  They didn't even try to defund Planned Parenthood, they were fine with throwing up their hands and allowing $1.1 trillion in spending, they were fine with meeting all of the President's priorities, they voted in favor of funding Obama's man-made climate change agreement (giving $3 billion to crony capitalists and third world kleptocrats), they fully funded every last bit of Obama's unconstitutional amnesty by executive fiat, they fully funded Obama's plans to bring in Muslim terrorists in the name of "refugees" and "migrants" without restrictions, they fully funded Obamacare, fully funded the Obama administration's war on American businesses, they funded Obama'a plan to free more federal criminals which will ultimately lead them to receive the right to vote democrat as we are seeing with illegal aliens, they fully funded the plan to resettle illegal aliens in America, and they fully funded HUD's integration program that is designed to change the demographics of conservative areas into blue zones.  On top of all of that, the budget bill quadruples H-2B visas for low skilled workers, putting at risk the jobs of over 200,000 more American workers in favor of the cheaper slave labor from south of the border.  And the Republicans didn't even put up a fight.  The Republicans didn't even try to stop any of these things.  They gave them all up, sold out the nation, for a single thing: to allow oil companies to export fuel.

In negotiations, the proper way to go about it is not to start low.  You push for everything, you try to get everything you desire, and then you hammer the other side, making them feel fortunate they got what they got.  Sure, the other side may negotiate you down from everything.  That happens in negotiations.  Instead, the Republicans started low, giving it all away, and as voters we are expected to say, "Hey, we knew we weren't going to get all we wanted, so I guess these crumbs are good enough."

There is no fight in the Republican Party.  They are either wimps, or they are complicit.  The backroom deals and the lack of trying to stop the unconstitutional and evil policies of the Democrats are unacceptable.  We go through this every time, and each budget gets worse and worse.  The final score is a great big loss, with a few crumbs from the table.

Paul Ryan says he had no choice.  He fought for what he could get, but the current rules kept him from succeeding.  "Things will be different in 2016."

I don't believe him.  I don't believe the Republicans truly fought for what is best for this country, or for what is constitutional, and instead voted to keep the peace, voted out of fear of media or democrat reprisal, and possibly because some of them are complicit.  The GOP has been infiltrated by the liberal left, and I do believe those leftists in the Republican Party have reached a majority.  This is not the time to settle for crumbs, but to demand at the beginning of each negotiation everything we want.  We may not get everything, but let's at least fight for everything we want - rather than roll over and give away the store, as the Republicans recently did.

Not all of the Republicans sold out America with this deal.  95 of them did vote against it.  But, it wasn't enough to stop the sell-out of America.

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