Saturday, December 12, 2015

Putin: Let's Grow Russia's Strategic Nuclear Superiority

by JASmius

Hmmm; Russia is now allied with Red China, so they presumably don't have to worry about Beijing's nukes, at least as a top priority.  The British, French, and Israelis have nukes, but theirs, even combined, are negligible.  India and Pakistan have nukes, but they're aimed at each other.  And North Korea and Iran have nukes, but they're allies of Moscow as well.

That only leaves....Barack Obama's "nuke-free zone":

President Vladimir Putin ordered defense chiefs to strengthen Russia's strategic nuclear forces amid rising tensions with the U.S. over the global balance of power.

New weapons should go to "all parts" of the nuclear triad of air, sea, and land forces, Putin told a Defense Ministry meeting in Moscow on Friday. Action must also be taken "to improve the effectiveness of missile-attack warning systems and aerospace defense."

Russia's military will have five new nuclear regiments equipped with modern missile complexes next year, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told the same meeting. More than 95% of the country's nuclear forces are at a permanent state of readiness, he said.

In essence, Czar Vlad is opening up a one-country nuclear arms race.  Which is always SO good for balance of power stability.

Remember when Mitt Romney pointed out during the 2012 general campaign that Russia was our top geostrategic foe, and Red Barry sneered at him and said, "The 1980s just called, they want their foreign policy back!"?  Good times, good times.

About 56% of Russian nuclear weapons are new, including modern missiles, upgraded aircraft and a strengthened submarine capacity, Shoigu said. Russia has also expanded the military's combat capabilities by reinforcing its western and south-western army groups and building four bases in the Arctic region, he said.

And, contra Bloomberg News, we are not modernizing our nuclear stockpile, but rather scrapping it, along with missiles, aircraft, and submarines, just as we're shrinking our land and naval forces to the lowest levels since World War I - i.e. in a century - in keeping with the Obama Doctrine....

....leading to a scenario of military confrontation with a superior enemy on its initiative and timetable, with the tinderbox and spark all set up and ready to go:

Amid a conflict with NATO member Turkey over the shooting down of a Russian warplane near the Syrian border last month, Putin ordered defense officials to "react harshly" to threats to Russia's forces operating in Syria. Any such threats should face "immediate extermination," he said. [emphasis added]

And O still won't coordinate with the Russians because he stubbornly insists on Bashar al-Assad's ouster that he lacks the power to enforce.

Almost makes you wonder if The One is trying to provoke America's nuclear annihilation, doesn't it?

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