Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Raum Emanuel Fires Chicago Police Chief To Placate Black Mob

by JASmius

Protesters also called for the resignation of the police superintendent and a top prosecutor for what they see as foot-dragging and stonewalling in the case.

Which ain't happening, as Mayor Raum Emanuel - who, this just in, is black - is fully supporting both, at least for now.

- Me, four days ago

Well, this didn't take long, did it?:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel fired the city's police chief Tuesday, a week after the release of a dash-cam video that showed a white Chicago officer fatally shooting a black teenager sixteen times.

Who was armed with a knife and high as a U-2 spy plane on PCP, which imparts both heightened aggression and strength, at the time, but other than that....

Emanuel called a news conference to announce the dismissal of Superintendent Garry McCarthy, who only days ago insisted to reporters that the mayor had his "back."

And I'm sure he did, until the mob started coming for him.  Which is to say, having someone's back is a prime spot from which to stick a dk'tagh in it.

Protesters have been calling for McCarthy's dismissal in response to the handling of the death of Laquan McDonald, a seventeen-year-old who was killed in October 2014.

And now Emanuel has thrown McCarthy to those wolves to be ripped and torn apart and messily devoured, hoping that will be enough to sate them.

But, of course, it won't.  They won't stop until they'd consumed DA Alvarez AND Mayor Emanuel, Officer Van Dyke is swinging from a high tree limb, and the second Chicago Fire has done its super-heated work.

And then, it'll be on to the next American metropolis, and the next, and the next, until the whole country drowns in its own racistly shed blood, all the while forcing the withdrawal of law enforcement, allowing runaway rampant black crime, leading to more shootings of black "youths" by white cops, etc., etc., etc.

Race war-stoking is quite a racket, isn't it?

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