Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Red Chinese Submarine Launched Simulated Missile Attack On U.S. Aircraft Carrier

by JASmius

"Smart power" strikes again:

After implementing the multinational Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea (CUES), which was once praised as a major step in U.S.-[Red] China military relations last year, [it] now doesn't seem to hold much weight as a [Red] Chinese submarine conducted a simulated cruise missile attack on the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan during a close encounter several weeks ago, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

Once again, the Obama Regime celebrates a meaningless piece of paper designed to make their demigod look like a peacemaker and master diplomat while actually accomplishing nothing beyond further hamstringing and crippling, in this case, U.S. naval forces.

In an effort to prevent accidents or "mishaps," the non-binding 2014 CUES agreement states that commanders at sea should avoid "simulation of attacks by aiming guns, missiles, fire control radar, torpedo tubes or other weapons in the direction of vessels or aircraft encountered." [emphasis added]

True, whether or not it was a binding agreement is irrelevant to the ChiComms, who are on a course towards war with the U.S. and only consented to CUES because they knew it would constrain the U.S. fleet while leaving them a free hand to flout it they also knew Obama wouldn't dare deny them.  But why wouldn't we at least try to make it binding, even for appearances' sake?  Because, of course, if we had, the ChiComms wouldn't have agreed to it, and O wanted, needed, to be seen waving another worthless piece of paper like a caramel flamingo.

So, accordingly and inevitably....:

The Free Beacon notes that although the incident occurred during the weekend of October 24th, the Obama administration has kept the details of submarine targeting under wraps "to avoid upsetting military relations between the Pentagon and the People's Liberation Army." [emphasis added]

i.e. They don't want to piss off the ChiComms by calling them on their aggressive flouting of CUES, because then they might withdraw from the agreement and make Barack Obama look like the idiot perfidious devilspawn he most definitely is.

Unfortunately for the White House, that cat is out of the bag on Capitol Hill (for whatever that's worth):

[M]embers on Capitol Hill, including the chairman of the House Armed Services subcommittee on sea power Representative Randy Forbes (R-VA4), are concerned by the recent reports.

"If true, this would be yet another case of [Red] China trying to show us that they can hold our forces in the region at risk," said Forbes.

"Coming on the heels of anti-satellite tests and other demonstrations, this latest incident should be a reminder of the destabilizing course that [Red] China is on and the challenges we face in maintaining a stable military balance in the Asia-Pacific region," Forbes added.

And, you know, deterring an all-out Sino-American war.  Which Barack Obama has now all but guaranteed.

Hey, I know: How's about we give "stupid power" a fresh look?  It can't be any worse than this....


Anonymous said...

After seeing how our President let Putin drink his milkshake off the coast of Syria recently, where Buckwheat once again demonstrated his "red lines in the sand" were meaningless, can we really expect China to worry one iota about what the United States might or might not do if they violated their "non binding agreement" with us ??? They know we have a "pussy" in the White House".

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

I would ask that you not call the President "Buckwheat," but your sentiments, otherwise, are quite accurate.