Monday, December 14, 2015

San Bernardino Massacre False Flag Conspiracy Theory

By Douglas V. Gibbs

I would never put anything beneath the Obama administration.  I believe there is no low they are unable to descend to so that they may destroy the American System.  Often, theories arise that seem too fantastic, but I often wonder if they are rooted in some kind of truth.  I don't know if Barack Obama and his cronies committed a false flag and orchestrated the massacre at San Bernardino, or if they knew it was going to happen but allowed "some" killing because it helped their agenda, but I would not put it past them.

Almost every Sunday I go to a restaurant in Murrieta to watch football (RJ's Sizzling Steer), and I am usually joined by a friend or two.  After watching the Raiders beat the Broncos (or should I say after watching Khalil Mack destroy Denver) a war veteran buddy of mine and I stood outside in the parking lot talking for a while.

The conversation began with a bit about guns, the Constitution, and an interesting exchange I had with a customer in the restaurant about the unconstitutional practice of judicial review.  The guy liked me as a constitutionalist until judicial review came up.  Then, he showed us what a tool he is by jumping into goosestep with the liberal left about how he thinks it's the federal judiciary's job to determine the constitutionality of laws.  I asked him, "Show me where in the Constitution, and more specifically in Article III, the courts are given that power?" I asked him.  He swore up and down it was in there, though he was unwilling to show me in the Constitution.  And then he got louder.

Probably a guy who has fallen for the argument that constitutional definitions are based on case law, rather than original intent.

Then, my buddy lays on me a conspiracy theory I had not heard, yet.  I haven't looked it up, and I am not sure I ought to.  It is so far-fetched it may possibly be true.

According to my friend, federal agents were holding a practice exercise less than a mile away from the shooting in San Bernardino.  Their training exercise was regarding how to stop or deal with a mass shooting.  That is why they were on the scene so quickly.  He believes they knew the shooting was going to happen, but allowed it to happen for both training purposes, and so that Obama would have yet another tragedy to use for his gun control rhetoric.

Is the federal government truly capable of letting Americans die at the hands of terrorists for the purpose of strengthening their agenda?

This writer is not sure, but does believe it is entirely possible.

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