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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sino-Russian Axis Building Droid Army

by JASmius

Come to think of it, with a beard, Vladimir Putin would bear an at least passing resemblance to Count Dooku:

Despite more than a thousand artificial-intelligence researchers signing an open letter this summer in an effort to ban autonomous weapons, Business Insider reports that [Red] China and Russia are in the process of creating self-sufficient killer robots, and in turn is putting pressure on the [Obam]agon to keep up.

"We know that [Red] China is already investing heavily in robotics and autonomy and the Russian Chief of General Staff [Valery Vasilevich] Gerasimov recently said that the Russian military is preparing to fight on a roboticized battlefield," U.S. Deputy [Commissar] of Defense Robert Work said during a national security forum on Monday.

Work added, "[Gerasimov] said, and I quote, 'In the near future, it is possible that a complete roboticized unit will be created capable of independently conducting military operations.'"

To which the inevitable, and obligatory, question is: "What could possibly go wrong?"

But the nature of technology is that once the genie is out of the bottle, you have to create a balance of power to keep it from becoming destabilizing.  So, yes, we will have to engage in this newest arms race with our enemies, until the machine rise up and destroy us all.  And no, Barack Obama will never do it.  So we won't live to see the machines rise up and wipe out the Sino-Russian Axis after the latter has conquered or destroyed the U.S.  Lucky us, I guess.

In the big strategic military picture, I would surmise that this makes the resort to nuclear weapons on the battlefield more likely, both because all we'd be destroying is hardware, not flesh & blood soldiers (and collateral civilians, yes, yes, but work with me here....) and so many of these droids could presumably be manufactured that vastly larger armies of them could be deployed than their human equivalents such that perhaps only nuclear weapons could have a chance of stopping them all.  An EMP attack could also be a good countermeasure.

Or light-sabers.

Or the Avengers.

Or the Caeliar, if they're available.

Hey, they defeated the Borg once and for all.  Might as well get ahead of this problem.

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