Tuesday, December 29, 2015

State Department: "We're Bringing Peace To Syria"

by JASmius

Sounds like a Hillary Clinton-class "achievement" to me:

The State Department [includes] in its recap of its 2015 achievements of "bringing peace" to Syria, and a spokesman on Monday called that a "truthful claim."

Sure; aside from ISIS remaining in occupation of the eastern part, the Russians in occupation of the western part, the two sides in all-out war against each other as well as al Qaeda's local affiliate, the Russians and Turks shooting at each other, and the Islamic State engaging in the biggest act of religious cleansing in planetary history, there's not so much as a discouraging Syrian word.

Apparently we have now learned the absurdity threshold beyond which even an Obamunist delusion cannot retain structural integrity, because Foggy Bottom went into a damage control mode before they even finished vomiting up this whopper:

"Now look, the operative word there is bringing, not brought, so we're bringing peace and security to Syria," Deputy spokesman Mark Toner told reporters, reports the Hill.

Um, no, you're not.  In Mythbusters terms, this myth is still busted.

Further, Toner said that it's a "mistaken impression" to think that John Kirby, the assistant [Commissar] of State for the Bureau of Public Affairs who wrote the December 24th blog post, is saying Syria's conflict has been resolved.

Aside from the fact that that is precisely what he said.  Which means Kirby is either (1) a stupid liar (and Toner is swearing to it), (2) mentally ill, (3) dreamed up a new, completely novel redefinition of the term "peace," or (4) this is the 2,534th consecutive "Opposite Day" at the Obama White House.

The recap includes a subheadline, "Bringing Peace, Security to Syria," but the entry itself discusses the United States' assistance for people who have been affected by the ongoing strife in Syria, as well as a push to remove President Bashar al-Assad from office, reports Politico.

So this 2015 State Commissariat "achievement" is that they're continuing to stubbornly pursue their failed Agenda in Syria that cannot succeed even in its actual purpose of enabling The One to save some measure of face after his self-inflicted "red lines" humiliation of over two years ago, nor in its avowed purpose of an Assad-less Syria because the Russians will not permit it and O isn't about to actually go to war against Putin to get what he claims he wants when it's so much easier to just make bleep up and try to sell it to the gullible American public that, on this topic at least, is getting less gullible all the time.

And the irony?  Obama could have brought peace and security to Syria two years ago - by invading it, slaughtering ISIS in its incubator, and imposing regime-change in Damascus.  That's how peace is achieved - by taking out the bad guys.  He chose instead to cede Syria to Vladimir Putin, who had other clear-eyed ideas and no illusions about what it would take to attain them.  Which is why Syria remains a cauldron of oppression and war everywhere except John Kirby's fanciful blog posts.

Other of his lies include how "the U.S. is winning the fight against [Islamic Fundamentalists]," which we are neither winning nor even actually fighting, "protecting the Arctic" that the Russians and ChiComms are annexing (I guess Kirby meant "protecting the Arctic from us"), gifting the Iranian mullahgarchy with nuclear weapons, "stopping ebola" (which burned out on its own and wasn't even a 2015 event), selling out to the Castro brothers, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (you know what they say about stopped clocks), Greenapalooza that will eliminate only the U.S. economy, and "preserving the ocean's health," whatever the F that means.

It would appear that Foggy Bottom has dreamed up a new, completely novel redefinition of the term "accomplishment" as well.

Or, rather, "fundamentally transformed" it.

That one I'll buy.

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