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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Taliban Forces Storm Kandahar

by JASmius

I was wrong, folks; Afghanistan isn't turning out to be another Vietnam.  Why?  Because in Vietnam, the communists didn't overrun the South until AFTER all U.S. forces had been withdrawn from the country.  In Afghanistan, the Taliban is reconquering the country a full year before we're scheduled to leave:

At least thirty-seven people were killed and thirty-five others wounded when Taliban [jihadis]ts stormed Kandahar airport in southern Afghanistan, with one gunman still resisting security forces, the defence ministry said Wednesday.

"Nine insurgents have been killed, one other is injured and another one is still holding up against our forces," the ministry said.

"Unfortunately during the battle, thirty-seven innocent Afghans were killed and thirty-five others injured," it added, without specifying how many of them were civilians....

The brazen raid on the sprawling compound, which also houses a joint NATO-Afghan base, is the second major Taliban assault in as many days in the city recognised as the birthplace of the Taliban.

The [jihadis]ts had managed to breach the first gate of the high-security complex and took up position in an old school building, engaging security forces in pitched firefights.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, with spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid saying on Twitter that "One hundred fifty Afghan and foreign soldiers" had been killed in the fierce fighting. [emphases added]

Is the Taliban exaggerating, as the AFP claims?  Maybe in the past they have, but if they're overrunning Kandahar, they're getting sufficiently close to final victory that they have correspondingly less and less reason to bother with propaganda fibrications.  And we all have no reason not to have learned long ago by this time that it's our own commander-in-chief and his palace guard that has the veracity problem, given how much they have to conceal, most particularly their complicity in the enemy's looming triumphs, both in Afghanistan, across the Middle East, and worldwide.

There will be no helicopters lifting off the Kabul embassy roof as there were forty years ago, because all the embassy employees' and U.S. soldiers' severed heads will be on spikes out in front the front edifice as the jihadist celebration revelrously pours American ammunition into the Afghan sky.

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