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Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Final Republican Debate versus Current Republican Leadership

By Douglas V. Gibbs

To be honest, I am not looking favorably upon the candidates being offered to us in this presidential mess for 2016.  Scott Walker was my guy, and he ran out of money.  Otherwise, I am not impressed.

Last Tuesday in Las Vegas, Nevada the Republican candidates for President met for their last debate of 2015. The focus of the debate seemed to be national security, with Islam, ISIS, and the jihad dominating the conversation, and none of them, and I mean absolutely "zero percent" of the candidates, either realize what we are up against, or are willing to admit what we are up against, when it comes to Islam.  They have all bought into the taqiyya that Islam is feeding us, they are all running in a politically correct circle.  The only one that seems to get it at all is, sadly, Donald Trump - or at least that is what he says.

In general, this is what the candidates said:

In order to defeat ISIS, we need to work within the Muslim world using Arab forces, we are unable to beat ISIS without boots on the ground (but our percentage of boots on the ground must be a very small number), banning Muslim immigration into the United States will place our ability to defeat ISIS at risk, there are such a thing as moderate Muslims, ISIS is radical and we have to defeat them over there so that the radical Muslims don't come here, sharia was not mentioned once, Saudi Arabia is our ally and wants to work with us, Iran was completely left out of the equation, mosques in America are not seen as a threat, and the Muslim Brotherhood's influence in the United States was not addressed (nor likely considered to be a threat) - and every last one of those thoughts is wrong in so many ways.

We will likely need a massive number of boots on the ground, and we should be using the technology we have that can send missiles through windows from a ship miles away.  Pausing the influx of Muslims into our country is necessary, since there is no doubt that Islamic warriors are among those "migrants," and increasing the number of Muslims in this country only increases their influence and moves us closer to their domination of our system.  Moderate Muslims are not Moderate Muslims. . . they are either committing jihad in a non-violent way, or they are non-practicing Muslims too fearful to become an apostate.  ISIS is not only there.  They are here.  The Islamic Jihad is here.  Did San Bernardino not spell that out to these people?  Sharia is not compatible with the U.S. Constitution, and sharia being the law of the land in America is what Muslims desire.  Saudi Arabia is not our friend, it is their funding that is behind much of the jihadism going on.  Iran must also be addressed, and is being ignored.  They are complicit.  Mosques in America are jihadi training facilities.  The imams in the mosques are all about hate, and jihad - even in the ones in America. . . in fact, "especially" the ones in America.  The Muslim Brotherhood's influence is not only dangerously present in the United States, their tendrils are moving throughout our government.  And sadly, none of the candidates fully understand all of this.  Some do, however, understand portions of the threat.

Among the candidates, if there were any that has an inkling of the reality of how dangerous Islam truly is, it was Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.  Cruz still believes there is such thing as a moderate Muslim, and thinks using them in this war can help, but at least he understands the threat a little bit.

Donald Trump says he is willing to take the fight to the enemy, and is willing to destroy ISIS using all means necessary.  He failed, however, to reveal that he fully understands the nature of the threat here in the United States. He did reaffirm his commitment to pause immigration of refugees and Muslims.

When asked about his ban on Muslims and refugees Mr. Trump stated, "We are not talking about isolation. We are talking about security. We are not talking about religion, we are talking about far as other people like in the migration, where they are going, tens of thousands of people having cell phones with ISIS flags on them...they are not coming to this country...and if Obama has brought some to this country, they are leaving, they are going, they're gone."

Mr. Trump says he is willing to meet the threat head-on, and will do what needs to be done to protect America, regardless of what critics say - I am still left wondering if he is being honest with us.  Does he truly believe his words?  Or are they only being said to win?  And even if he is "conservative," will that keep him from being the GOP's version of Obama, unconstitutionally using executive powers to get what he wants?

The next closest, aside from Cruz and Trump to verbally relay any understanding regarding the threat Islam poses is Dr. Ben Carson.  He has, twice, called for Congress to declare war on ISIS.  He was also the only candidate to mention the Muslim Brotherhood's presence in the United States as being a bad thing, but it was a mere brief comment.

He said, "We need to be on a war footing. We need to understand that our nation is in grave danger....What the Muslim Brotherhood said in the Explanatory Memorandum that was discovered during the Holy Land Foundation trial is that they will take advantage of our PC attitude to get us."

The remaining candidates showed us that they have a complete lack of understanding of the danger of Islam, and of their desire to implement sharia in the United States.  It began with George W. Bush calling Islam the Religion of Peace, and only focusing on violent jihadis.  What about the other jihadis?  What about the ones inserting sharia finance into our system, wearing suits and smiling as they manipulate American economic, foreign and domestic policy; or the women coming here to make plenty of babies, and demanding we dance around Islamic demands in our schools, restaurants, and other public places?

Peace through strength, and a willingness to understand that radical Islam is mainstream Islam, is what is needed.  The Nazis are among us, but this time they are not wearing arm-bands, and they are lying to us about who they really are. . . and we not only have fallen for it, we are importing them by the hundreds of thousands.  We don't need to vet them because being Muslim should be enough to create alarm.  If they are Muslims, they are likely to be a part of the jihad.  Never forget, "Hijrah" is jihad by immigration.

Probably the only other candidate that comes remotely close to understanding the nature of Islam is Rand Paul, but his libertarian roots have left him with no stomach for military operations.  While he blames power vacuums left after removing dictators as the cause of the rise of something like ISIS, the reality is that something like ISIS was inevitable.  It was just a matter of time, because that is what Islam does.  Be it from the Middle Ages, or the Ottoman Empire that fell after World War I, the driving force behind the global jihad is not based on our reaction to them, the presence of Israel, or the toppling of dictators.  The problem is simple.  It is Islamic doctrine.

This also goes beyond Sunni versus Shiite.  Those are simply rivalries.  Suggesting we make nice with Sunnis to defeat the Shiites is a bad idea.  In the end, they are all on the same team when it comes to the Muslim desire to destroy the West, and establish a caliphate.

This is where Christi, Fiorina, Rubio and Jeb Bush miss it.  They each want to work with the Sunnis, claiming the Sunnis reject the ideology of ISIS.  The different parts of Islam are all in agreement against the West and Israel.  They are like rival gangs that wish to destroy a city.  They are enemies as gangs, but are allied when it comes to creating the destruction and hating "The Man."

ISIS is out there.  Al Qaeda is still out there.  Hamas still exists.  Hezbollah remains a force to be reckoned with.  And they are all Muslim, they all hate America, they all hate Israel, and they all want an Islamic caliphate.  They will work together to destroy us, and figure they can work out the particulars, later.  The problem is not each, individual group.  The problem is Islam.  Using Muslim forces to defeat Muslim forces, as the candidates have suggested, is irrational.

As for the current Republican Leadership?  They are in lockstep with the candidates who understand the threat the least.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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