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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

The Insecurity & Indiscretion Of Donald Trump

by JASmius

Why is Trump not running for the Democrat nomination? Well, one would automatically conclude that a rich businessman seeking the nomination of a party whose members harbor erotic fantasies of hanging rich businessmen upside-down from the nearest lampposts in order to skin them alive would make that a bad idea. And one would be right, although I don't see any substantive difference between a Trump and a Ted Kennedy or John Kerry or the Clintons for that matter, other than the business each is in (real estate for Trump, politics for the others - and now Trump wants to add the latter to his business portfolio). Yet Trump is still a liberal Democrat, and his only other option is running as a Republican in a party dominated by the Tea Party. That wouldn't seem to be a workable option either. But he recognized them as his way in, illegal immigration as the (heh) "pathway to partisanship" as it were, and that their over-emotionalism - i.e. raging anger at all the wrong people - could be exploited to provide him with a big enough base of support that would last long enough to either carry him to the nomination or else win him enough delegates to play kingmaker - or queenmaker, since Trump's warm and cordial relationship with La Clinton Nostra is no secret, and Trump would be better suited to serve as Hillary's Ross Perot-esque spoiler than Perot himself ever was for her husband.

But in order to accomplish that, Trump would first have to enter the GOP race and lure away enough gullible conservative voters to later take them with him when he bolts for an independent general election run that splits the center-right vote and puts Hillary Clinton back in the White House.

- Me, a month ago

Didn't this jackoff sign an RNC loyalty pledge promising not to bolt the party and go indy three months ago?  And he's still bringing it up?  Which is why I keep writing about it.

Still think he's the genuine "GOP frontrunner"?:

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump is once again leaving the door open to a third-party run.

Trump told ABC's Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on their daytime talk show that he might pursue a run if the Republican Party "doesn't treat him right".

"The people, the Republican Party, have been - the people - have been phenomenal," Trump said. "The party — I'll let you know about that. And if I don't get treated fairly, I would certainly consider that."

It's "classic Trump," alright, though not in the way CNN thinks.  Trump needs the GOP more than the GOP will ever need Trump - how else would he have been able to so easily goad them into another mass repudiation off of which to pivot towards another independent thirty party run threat.  He says something outrageous, his media buddies crucify not him for saying it but Republicans for not immediately condemning it, they belatedly fall all over themselves in doing so, and suddenly he's not being "treated right" and again waxes titillatingly about bolting the party and taking all his followers with him.  It's as I said yesterday: Aside from his poll numbers collapsing, there is no Trump scenario that is not a Republican nightmare: Either the GOP nominates him, a Democrat, as their presidential nominee and get destroyed next November, or he falls short, walks out, runs as the twenty-first century Ross Perot, splits the majority anti-Hillary/anti-Democrat vote, and get destroyed next November.

Starfleet Academy should call their cadet training scenario the Trump Maru.

But you cannot convince me that he wouldn't keep bringing up an indy run if he was confident that his frontrunner status was real.  And if my theory that a third of his ostensible support is phantom is correct, then the latest USA Today/Suffolk University national survey would actually read Cruz 23%, Rubio 19%, Trump 18%, Carson 10%.  Still competitive, still top-tier, but not the frontrunner by any means.

And that's not good enough for Donald Trump.  Even the possibility that he might lose is intolerable to him.  So he's laying the groundwork now for pulling the ejection lever later.

Think of it this way: Trump's true perception of where he is in the race is inversely proportional to his bombast level.  Which tells me that right now, he's worried.  Although from the looks of the dominant GOP reaction to his Muslim-purging suggestion, he probably won't be for long.

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