Tuesday, December 01, 2015


by Allan McNew

An apparently deluded President Obama is now conflating climate change with Islamic terrorism, as if putting some solar panels on the roof will make jihadists respect us in the morning. While the president may well be mentally ill, being insane doesn't preclude intelligence and while you can take the organizer out of the community, you just can't take the community organizer out of the President.

It seems that Obama is using the outrageously odd pairing of concerns to distract "deniers" away from arguing against climate change theory as presented by progressive - socialist secular theology, that those negatively reacting to Obama's new found notion of Radical Islamic Climate Change Terrorism will do so from the unwitting position that man made climate change is reality - don't let any of the following facts distract from this very important conclusion.

No one ever identifies the 100% of "leading scientists" of whom 97% are said to state that man made climate change is fact. Most scientists we hear about concerning climate change are those being hounded out of their profession for the politically incorrect sin of contradicting progressive - socialist climate change dogma.

The original man made climate change assertions were made towards the end of a cooling trend that began in the 1940's, that by the middle of the 1980's there would be an Ice Age that would cover North America with glaciers because auto exhaust causes global cooling. The world was supposed to run out of oil around the same time. Likewise, there were to be world wide famines and mass starvation even in developed nations due to overpopulation eating faster than agriculture could produce. The result? The climate began to warm and 30 years after the ice age was supposed to hit global warming may have stalled, we have oil gluts, there is plenty to eat with low reproduction rates in developed nations - which some say necessitates massive third world migration to developed nations, assimilation to host culture not required. And, the progressive - socialist solution to "climate change" is to destroy our economy with high energy prices, restriction of energy usage, punitive taxation, centralized over regulation and changing the national character to one of dependency on government.

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