Thursday, December 03, 2015

The Obama Regime's Ongoing War Against Charity

by JASmius

Another of those stories that aren't remotely new, have been going on for the past seven years, and never stop or even slow down.  Barack Obama, via his IRS, has long been trying to diminish and stamp out private charity for despicably logical reasons: it's competition to the welfare state, and O is nothing if not the consummate Marxist monopolist.  The Left is supposed to have the market cornered on "compassion," and so private charities cannot and will not be tolerated.

And now they've upped that ante to quasi-totalitarian proportions:

Conservatives and nonprofit groups Thursday slammed a proposed IRS rule that could require charities to collect and report Social Security numbers for donors who contribute $250 or more, with Washington attorney Cleta Mitchell expressing "shock and dismay" over the potential repercussions of such a requirement.

"I think about every little church, every charity that anybody gives money to," Mitchell told Newsmax in an interview. "How does any donor know whether a charity is going to be able to protect that information?"

Tim Delaney, president and CEO of the National Council of Nonprofits, said the proposal "would be devastating for nonprofits and the general public. "Nonprofits will be hurt because people will be reluctant to make a donation if it means they have to share their private Social Security number, plus it will divert limited resources away from missions to invest instead in costly new data security," Delaney said.

"Likewise, the general public will be hurt when scam artists call up claiming to be nonprofits to get Social Security numbers so they can then steal identities and commit fraud."

Covers all the bases, doesn't it?  Feeds identity thieves and hackers - check; reduces resources to Christian missions and evangelical outreach, leaving that field open for Muslim takeover - check; discourages private charity and probably puts countless charitable organizations out of "business" - check.

But most specifically, this targets individual citizens by enabling the Regime to track each citizen's charitable giving, and whether it's going to Regime-approved causes or to those of Obama's "enemies".  Care to speculate on what his IRS will do to those in the latter category?  Seems to me we already got a taste of that in IRSgate I.

Don't think the White House doesn't know what they're doing, because this isn't the first time they've pulled this stunt:

The IRS proposed a similar rule in 2009, but rejected it after an investigation by the Government Accountability Office found — among other conclusions — that taxpayers might reduce their contributions "because they are reluctant to provide Social Security numbers to charities given concerns over identity theft."

"Might"?  And that was before U.S. government servers were revealed to be hacked and looted ruins.

Now the Regime is forcing this rule on us anyway - but don't worry, it's "voluntary," or so they claim.  And is it any coincidence that this IRS rule comes along not even two months after the Regime whitewash of IRSgate concluded?

In short, that whole damned scandal was never over; it's just been renewed for a second "season".  And should Hillary Clinton ascend to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on Donald Trump's shoulders, or Barack Obama just decree himself a third term, it will have a long, successful run.

"All of this has happened before," as the Battlestar Galactica remake tag line says.  Are we going to let the cycle continue, or break it once and for all?  And will we even have the choice?

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