Monday, December 07, 2015

The Syrian Invasion Of Texas Continues

by JASmius

Does anybody else remember a court action known as a stay?  Where the judge orders all activities under dispute in a court case to halt while the case is being argued and a decision reached?  Is there any valid reason why a stay hasn't been imposed in Texas's federal lawsuit against a resettlement non-profit organization and the Obama Regime itself to halt any further Syrian "refugee" influx into the Lone Star State, at least until the White House forces Judge David C. Godbey to knuckle under to the official party line, ignore Article I, Section 9 and Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution which clearly establishes immigration as a concurrent power of the States and the federal government, to say nothing of the latter's crystal-clear responsibility to protect the former from "invasion" and "domestic violence" (i.e. terrorism), and force the invasion on the plaintiffs anyway?  The One couldn't even wait a few months?


Two families of Syrian refugees are due to arrive in Texas on Monday despite efforts by the State to prevent them from resettling there, which include a lawsuit it filed last week in federal court to bar them entry.

A family of six composed of two children under age six, their parents and the children's grandparents are scheduled to arrive in Dallas. Another family of six comprising four children aged two to thirteen and their parents are set to arrive in Houston, the U.S. Justice Department said in a court filing.

Or, in other words, one violent jihadist on the Ten Percent Rule, and eleven jihadists of other stripes to provide cover.  And we saw what just two of them can do just five days ago.

Take a look at the following and decide for yourself between King Hussein and Governor Greg Abbott which is actually doing the job to which he was elected:

After the deadly Paris attacks in November, Texas Governor Greg Abbott....was one of the first governors to seek to block the resettlement of Syrians in their States.

Abbott has said he was concerned that U.S. security screening is ineffective and could allow people with ties to terrorism to be admitted.

In its court filing, the U.S. Justice Department said Texas did not have the authority to act on national immigration policy and could not bar the refugees from resettling.

And, presumably, that their "vetting system" that so effectively kept Mr. and Mrs. Farook out of the country was more than sufficient and up to the task.

Texas A-G Kan Paxton ain't buying it:

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday afternoon in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Attorney General Ken Paxton claims the federal government and the International Rescue Committee — one of about twenty private nonprofits that have a State contract to resettle refugees in Texas — are violating federal law by moving forward with the planned resettlement of two Syrian families. One such family is expected to arrive in Texas as soon as Friday.

The lawsuit argues that the federal government and resettlement group have not fulfilled their contractual obligations to consult with, and provide information to, State officials.

It argues that federal officials violated the Refugee Act of 1980, which requires that the federal government “shall consult regularly” with the State regarding the placement of refugees. Texas also alleges that the International Rescue Committee violated a separate provision of the act requiring the nonprofit work “in close cooperation and advance consultation” with the State....

“The point of this lawsuit is not about specific refugees, it is about protecting Texans by ensuring that the federal government fulfills its obligation to properly vet the refugees and cooperate and consult with the State," Paxton said in a statement. [emphasis added]

And the point of the defendants is to ignore the substance of the suit and the Constitution and the law, revel in their sneering moral supremacist preening, and despotically shove the "refugees" down the State's throat without even the courtesy of a temporary injunction.  Which again illustrates the futility of attempting to use one branch of the federal government to resist another branch of the federal government.

Next time, instead of filing lawsuits, maybe Governor Abbott should have the Texas National Guard waiting for the "refugees".  I'm sure they'd be happy to escort the new arrivals south of the Rio Grande, and otherwise put some teeth in the phrase "Don't mess with Texas".

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