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Friday, December 18, 2015

The Three-Year Juniper Hack

by JASmius

I've run out of words, folks.  And any pic I could post to depict the gist of this story would be metaphorically pornographic.  So lede-wise, you're on your own.

Alright, give this one a try: Compared to this cyberbreach, the ChiComm nuclear hack of the OPM last summer as an iron-maiden chastity belt:

A major breach at computer network company Juniper Networks has U.S. officials worried that hackers working for a foreign government were able to spy on the encrypted communications of the U.S. government and private companies for the past three years.

The FBI is investigating the breach, which involved hackers installing a back door on computer equipment, U.S. officials told CNN. Juniper disclosed the issue Thursday along with an emergency security patch that it urged customers to use to update their systems “with the highest priority.”

The concern, U.S. officials said, is that sophisticated hackers who compromised the equipment could use their access to get into any company or government agency that used it.

One U.S. official described it as akin to “stealing a master key to get into any government building.”

Which government agencies use Juniper Networks, you may be wondering.  Would you believe the Commissariats of the Treasury....Injustice, Revenge & Coverup....Homeland Insecurity....the FBI....the CIA....and the NSA?

Like Tony Stark after the final battle with Aldrich Killian in Iron Man III, "I got nothin'".  Except perhaps, "Game over".  And to observe that there aren't enough prisons in the country to hold all the Obamunists that deserve jail time for the Regime's complete evisceration of U.S. cybersecurity.

The identity or identities of the hackers has not yet been determined, but when it is, they will be the first ones to know.

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