Saturday, December 05, 2015

Trouble In Greenapalooza Paradise?

by JASmius

Let's see:

(1) It took "the world" four years to set up this latest example of international, Third-World-looting-First-World larceny;

(2) At least preliminary agreement on the subject under negotiation is usually reached before the date for any summit meeting is fixed in order to minimize the chances for an embarrassing impasse and walkout.

(3) Not only was this "climate summit's" date fixed, and never postponed or canceled, but it's been going on for a week now, and the only thing they can agree on is that they'd like to reach an agreement?

Perhaps there's hope for this aggravating moral preening debacle after all:

Senior officials from 195 nations approved a draft text of a U.N. climate deal on Saturday after four years' work as the basis for ministers to try to resolve hundreds of points of disagreement next week.

"This text marks the will of all to reach an agreement. We are not at the end of the route. Major political issues are yet to be resolved," Laurence Tubiana, French climate envoy, told the meeting.

The senior government officials signed off on the draft text, running to forty-two pages, minutes before a midday (1100 GMT) deadline after working through the night.

How does it take forty-two pages to say something that can be expressed in a single sentence?  Answer: by laying out in print all the details that have not been resolved yet.

I guess this is more like DIY "transgender reassignment surgery" than the Western moral preeners want to admit: When it comes time to actually cut off one's own testicles with the butter knife, it's a wee bit more difficult than one had convinced oneself.

Needless to say, the professional recipients are not happy:

Many nations said the draft, the result of four years of work since the process was launched in Durban in 2011, left too many issues unresolved.

"We had hoped that our work would be further advanced," said Nozipho Mxakato-Diseko of South Africa, who speaks on behalf of more than 130 [poor, destitute] nations.

In a twisted sense, you can kinda-sorta see where Mr. Diseko is coming from.  He and his merry band of dictators and kleptocrats browbeat the West into promising to commit economic seppuku - again - and now - again - all they're getting is the commemorative t-shirt and maybe a baseball cap thrown in for good measure.  Looks like they need more browbeating practice.

Good thing for them that Barack Obama is going to impose what he seeks out of this "deal" on the U.S. even if no "deal" is reached in Paris, including seizing the $3 billion for the balleyhooed U.N. "Climate Fund," isn't it?  Maybe that'll teach us what happens when "we" twice elect a guy with a "funny name" and a deadly serious malevolent worldview.

But I doubt it.

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