Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Trump Continues to Rise, Thanks to Muslim Ban Comment

By Douglas V. Gibbs

When people ask me about my opinion of non-politician Republican Candidate Donald Trump, I tell them that I like what he is saying, more often than not, and I am thrilled he is stirring the pot and getting the politicians to talk about things that they normally wouldn't, but I don't know that I trust him, and I don't know that he believes everything he says.  Trump is a narcissistic, bombastic businessman who knows how to market himself, and knows what the voters want to hear.

Would I vote for him?

I would vote for Yosemite Sam or Mickey Mouse over any of the Democrats, so yes, if The Donald won the GOP nod, he'd get my vote.  But, Trump is definitely not my first choice for President of the United States.  Scott Walker was.  And there are other candidates out there that understand, and are willing to defend, the U.S. Constitution way beyond Donald Trump.

What fascinates me is that every time Trump opens his mouth, the liberal left media starts laughing and saying, "Oh, he stuck his foot in his mouth, this time"; and the GOP consultants say, "You can't win saying things like that"; yet, here he is, with the latest poll serving Trump up at 41%.

He took a hard stance on immigration, and said to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, and while being warned he'd lose the Latino Vote, most Americans agree and his popularity grew.  Memes saying "if walls don't work, why is there one around the White House" began circulating, making the Democrats look foolish.

Then, after the Paris attacks, and the terrorist shooting in San Bernardino, Trump said, "Let's stop all Muslim immigration."  Again, he was warned that was just too extreme, yet, his numbers went up, and polls show that more than half of GOP voters are in agreement with him on that.

In the Monmouth University Poll, Trump's 41% is nearly triple of that of his closest rivals.  Ted Cruz earned second place with 14%.

Politico calls Trump's campaign "unprecedented."  His willingness to speak the truth is unprecedented when it comes to candidates.  That's why he is doing so well.  He is saying the things that need to be said.

I am still not sure that I trust Trump, but the very fact that the media, the Democrats, and the establishment Republicans are all attacking him does place him more favorably in my "who I am willing to vote for" column.  From a constitutional point of view, what he is saying is right on.  Securing the border is a necessary step to fulfill the federal government's task laid out in Article IV., Section 4 where the Constitution indicates that the federal government must protect the States from invasion.  Prohibiting Muslims from entering the country is in line with Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution where it gives Congress the authority to prohibit some people from migrating into the country.  I just hope Trump remembers he has to work with Congress.

The last thing we need is a Republican Obama, using executive orders, and bypassing Congress, to do his bidding. . . even if on the surface it's all for the right reason.  One thing I expect from the next President, if he or she turns out to be a Republican, is to reverse the trends of executive branch expansion in play as a result of Obama's abuse of executive powers.  This is where I don't trust Trump.  Even if he is honest, and wants to do the things that conservatives are hoping for, I still demand that it be done in a constitutional manner where the Congress first passes the laws.  Unilateral actions by the President in an unconstitutional manner, even if to accomplish things we hope for, is wrong and illegal.  And if a GOP President, even if to achieve some good things, continues to act in a manner outside the authorities granted by the U.S. Constitution, it keeps open the precedent for this kind of despotism for a future leader that may not use these seized powers for good things, but instead be setting us up for the next powerful tyranny in history - if Obama has not already fulfilled that.

Meanwhile, Ben Carson has all but dropped off the edge of the Earth.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Donald Trump hits a new high in national poll - Politico

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