Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Will Hillary Clinton Lose Another Democrat Presidential Nomination?

by JASmius

According to Dick Morris, Yes!  She!  Will!

Tell me, as you skim through this quote, where you've heard this analysis before:

Hillary Clinton will lose the Democrat nomination to Bernie Sanders — setting up a huge fight to "steal it by getting the super delegates" at the party's national convention next July in Philadelphia, political strategist Dick Morris predicted to Newsmax TV on Wednesday.

"Hillary is losing to Sanders," Morris told Newsmax Prime host Joe Pags. "There is one post-debate poll that shows the margin collapsing from twenty points to fifteen.

"In Iowa, it shows the margin collapsing from eighteen to five...." he added. "She's already at about eight or ten behind in New Hampshire."

Morris also noted that [Mrs.] Clinton's sagging poll numbers are why she plans to put former President Bill Clinton on the campaign trail next month.

"More importantly, it's why two or three days ago she sent out an email to her supporters saying we might lose in New Hampshire or Iowa — and we have to be prepared to dig down, work harder in the other States," he told Pags. "She wouldn't have written that if her polls weren't going to hell in those States." [emphasis added]

Me, five days ago:

The complicating factor is that she's not acting like the frontrunner; indeed, from how frantically she continues to pander to the extreme Left, it seems abundantly clear that she's convinced she's behind Weekend Bernie Sanders by double-digits pretty much everywhere. Does her campaign have internal polling (i.e. drained of hype and designed to be as accurate as possible) that shows this?

So now even Bill Clinton's one-time political Svengali is echoing me.  I suppose it had to happen sooner or later.

But Morris did throw in an implication of his own:

"What may happen here is that if Sanders wins the first two primaries and then does well in the white primary States — not South Carolina, but the largely white ones — Sanders could beat her in all of those primaries," Morris said. "You could have a situation where she tries to win the nomination, steal it by getting the super delegates — all of whom believe that Sanders would be a disaster for the party."

And they're absolutely right about that.  But then, Hillary would be an even bigger disaster for them, barring a Trump nomination on the other side.

He then told The Steve Malzberg Show that the scenario "could cause a backlash in the Democrat Party, very much like the Hubert Humphrey backlash that took place in 1968, when he didn't even enter a single primary and he was nominated anyway."

Everything else in this country is upside down anymore - why not both political parties' nominating paradigms?  The dynastic "next in line/It's my turn" dynamic that usually grips the Republicans has now switched to the Democrats, for whom it is supremely ill-suited.  For more than half a century, when Democrats have won national elections it has been by nominating the young, charismatic, telegenic, over-hyped bamboozling dark horse outsider who takes the primaries, and then the country, by storm, a swooning blitzkrieg from which low-information voters awaken far, far too late, if ever.  It's when they nominate old, stale white people that they lose by variously sized margins.  In this case, they've got two old, stale white people to choose from, but of that pair, all the genuine passion and enthusiasm is with Weekend Bernie, because (1) he's authentic and (2) he is where the extreme leftwingnut base of the Democrat Party is.  Whereas Mrs. Clinton is phonier than, well, "Three-Dollar Bill" without the superlative political skills and charisma to camouflage it, so ersatz that nobody has any idea of what an authentic Hillary Clinton would look or sound like.  Well, okay, if she stopped dying her hair blonde, she'd look more authentic, but for how she sounds, there's no help whatsoever.  And without the blonde bob, she'd look two hundred years old instead of merely one hundred twenty-five.  And that matters when the candidate is female.  Nobody gives a Cleveland steamer what Bernie Sanders looks like.  And his authenticity is the other reason.

Imagine Sanders winning most of the primaries, going over the top in delegates, and getting rooked out of the nomination by the Empress and her DINO minions.  And at the same time that the ordinarily staid, buttoned up, stuffily conventional GOP went off the collective deep end by nominating, well, a Democrat - which would definitely qualify as picking an "outsider" - and half the party boycotting him.  Both parties dissolving into raging civil wars.  Complete, higgledy-piggledy chaos.

Now imagine only one party so disintegrating, while the other did its nose-holding duty and turned out in massive numbers to put an upside-down-legged woman back in the White House.  Because that requires a great deal less imagination.

And there's always the scenario where the Ugly Dutchess is thwarted again, Republicans' mass Trump psychosis holds, and We the People wind up with President Sanders, who polls show leading The Donald in general election matchups by a much bigger margin than does Herself.

So as entertaining as another crushing Hillary Clinton defeat would be, it's a sideshow that really doesn't ultimately matter alongside the potential final, pompoured funeral pyre of the Grand Old Party.  Which would actually be a fitting coda to the three-year old demise of the Old American Republic.

Exit question: Whose dentures do you think popped out first in the pic above?

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