Thursday, December 17, 2015

Yale Students Sign Petition To Repeal The First Amendment

by JASmius

Is it really possible to give these vapid, vaccuous, sheeplistic free-speech-hating-fascists the benefit of the doubt when the most such benefit you could give them is their woeful, abysmal ignorance of the most famous portion of the U.S. Constitution?:

Students are in a hurry between classes. Petitions are low-stakes and non-binding. And the guy behind the clipboard seems so nice! So maybe we can call the following video a simple demonstration of how people will sign just about anything, right? Right? Because the alternative explanation is that Yale University is rife with young people who are totally cool with repealing the First Amendment.

In under one hour on a main stretch of Yale's campus, video maker Ami Horowitz collected fifty signatures on a petition to say see-ya-later to that whole free speech thing Americans have been yammering on about for a few centuries.

Whenever somebody like a petition-signature troller approaches me, regardless of what their cause is (I really don't care to find out), I try to avert eye contact and ignore and get past them.  If they get in front of me and start their pitch, I cut them off with a polite but firm, "No, thank you," and step around them and walk away.  If they try to run me down, they're obviously not very skilled at their craft and probably don't have a girlfriend.  The one thing I have never, EVER done is be browbeaten into signing their petition, or buying a magazine subscription I don't want, or whatever, just to get them off my back and out of my face.

And Mr. Horowitz had ample opportunities to make his ostensible anti-First Amendment pitch.

No, my friends, this isn't fringe or outlier sentiment on American college campuses in 2015, this is mainstream opinion....

For the vulgar 2nd Amendment adherents, a reminder that the constitution is a garbage document. Burn the damn thing.

Now do y'all understand why Doug Gibbs needs all the assistance and succor you can muster?  For nowhere is a constitutional teacher, public speaker, and tireless advocate and champion more needed than amongst a raging horde of vapid, vaccuous, sheeplistic free-speech-hating-fascists.

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