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Monday, January 04, 2016

Baltimore Breaks All-Time Murder Record

by JASmius

This isn't news, of course.  When you demonize, demoralize, and withdraw local law enforcement from doing their jobs of patrolling high-crime neighborhoods and essentially criminalize "protecting and serving" and leave the criminal element to run wild unopposed, an orgy of (largely black-on-black) violence has to be the inevitable result.

Will "Charm City's" municipal government reverse policy course and let the local cops resume doing their jobs again?  Sh'ya, right:

Blood was shed in Baltimore at an unprecedented pace in 2015, with mostly young, black men shot to death [by mostly other young, black men] in a near-daily crush of violence.

On a per-capita basis, the year was the deadliest ever in the city. [emphasis added]

Oh, does this mean that the overall number of homocides isn't as bad as the headline makes it sound?  No, not really:

The year’s tally of 344 homicides was second only to the record 353 in 1993, when Baltimore had about 100,000 more residents. [emphasis added]

So rampant crime has been steadily bleeding Baltimore of residents over the past twenty-two years at least.  What do you suppose this year's literal bonfire of the insantities is going to do to that trend?

That, though, is not the most eye-grabbing statistic:

The killings were on pace with recent years in the early months of 2015 but skyrocketed after the unrest and rioting of late April. In five of the next eight months, killings topped thirty or forty a month. [emphasis added]

Let's average out that rate to thirty-five and annualize it.  That comes to 420 homocides for a post-Freddie Gray twelve-month period, or 19% in excess of the previous record 1993 tally.  If you lived in Baltimore and had the means of getting the hell out of it, wouldn't you?

But (retiring) Mayor Stephanie Black will never admit her wrongs, repent of her sins, profusely apologize to the Baltimore PD, and send them back to their appointed rounds.  No, sirree.  Instead (and you knew this was coming), the call is going out for even stricter and tougher gun control laws, even though Martin O'Malley (Did you know he's running for president?) has made boasting about the suffocating gun laws he put in place as mayor of Baltimore and governor of Maryland which haven't even caught a backwards glance from the raging Charm City crime wave the heart of his silly-assed presidential bid.

It's like I always say about the Left when they're allowed to be permanently in charge of any place: At the end of that process always lies the mass grave.

When the last  Baltimorean leaves the city, will there even be any functioning lights for him or her to turn off?

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