Thursday, January 28, 2016


By Allan McNew

Bernie's been raising hell about the rich and Wall Street, how he's going to stand up to the corporations and rich people, make them “pay their fair share” by taxing the hell out of them. It sounds really good to his base, kick the hell out of the Koch Brothers and all, make life fair for the little guy.

Bernie's best bet is that his base doesn't check up on the facts, because they'd be really pissed about the way they've been lied to and used to an end if they did, and conservatives need to wake up to the big picture situation behind the curtain as well.

The majority of Democrats on Capitol Hill have the bulk of their net worth wrapped up in Wall Street investments and real estate holdings. In 2012, the four richest members of the Senate were Democrats. In 2011, Obama's running buddy, Secretary of State John Kerry (D), was the very richest member of the Senate. Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D), not far from the top in terms of wealth in Congress, is the richest woman in Congress and the top ten richest lawmakers in Congress list features more Democrats than Republicans. There's billionaire “Ban the big gulp!” former New York Mayor Bloomberg (D) making noises about an independent run for the White House. What were the Clintons and the Obamas worth when they first moved into the White House as opposed to when the Clintons left and the Obamas now seven years in? The Bern himself may have a story to tell about his own investments, and not a one of the above is going to personally live up to their professed ideology – that's for others to endure.

In the early days of progressive – socialism, inherited wealth despised self-made wealth. Theodore Roosevelt was a rich man who was suspicious of other rich people for being wealthy. “Silver spoon” FDR prolonged the Great Depression in part by chasing corporate America around to punish it for having the temerity to even exist, until WWII blew up in his lap and he realized he needed industrialists.

However, the new, shiny, technical corporate America is now desired over the old and formerly stable industrial America, in part because Silicone Valley and the associated tech industry buys off the progressive-socialist elite and greatly funds their far left agenda while pretending to not be the modern manifestation of Gilded Age robber barons – and in turn the progressive-socialist elite pretend not to notice.

Silicone Valley is the old industrial revolution reincarnated as the new technological revolution, and as the old robber baron entrepreneurs transformed America, the new are transforming the world with all sorts of new wonders and new evils, all the while living up to the 19th century maxim “Capitalism is about turning luxuries into necessities”, such as the latest smart phone, most feature laden tablet or exploitation of new trends in social media.

Silicone Valley billionaires employ few people in their businesses and are all about H1B visas, off shoring labor and inventing new forms of robotics to cut domestic labor costs, no unions allowed. It was said of John D. Rockefeller that no one lived a grander life on such a frugal scale. Silicon Valley one percenters live large, buying and building on stratosphericly priced real estate while having the carbon foot prints of small nations. Tiny apartments and inconvenient mass transit is for the present and future economically challenged mass who somehow afford their goods and services, the ones who are data mined to the smallest details and turned into profiles to be marketed – including Bernie's faithful. It's said that Google knows more about you than your mother, your life long best friend, and every domestic relationship you've ever had combined.

“Paying their fair share of taxes” is for others as is footing the bill for their “climate change” cause, and Silicone Valley takes no responsibility for their ideological role in killing the economy. It's lot sexier to be the new pioneers in space or engineer driverless cars destined to be taken off the road with all the rest than develop cheap, compact, super efficient solar panels and equally cheap, compact, super efficient energy storage.

Sanders is right, the game is rigged. But what he's not telling his audience is that it's the progressive-socialist elite that's doing the rigging and “the rich” will never pay their “fair share of taxes” as he sees it so long as there are wealthy Democrat politicians who will determine to remain wealthy and new tech industry robber baron capitalists who bribe them through legal loop holes to look the other way while funding a good deal of their progressive-socialist agenda.

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