Monday, January 04, 2016

California's New Laws Series: Distracted Driving - Ear Buds

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Earbuds or Headsets can’t be worn while driving a vehicle or on a bike (SB 491, Transportation Committee): This law, among other things, makes it unlawful to wear a headset covering, earplugs in, or earphones covering, resting on, or inserted in, both ears, while operating a motor vehicle or a bicycle. This prohibition does not apply to persons operating authorized emergency vehicles, construction equipment and refuse or waste equipment while wearing a headset or safety earplugs. (Info courtesy of the DMV)

A single ear bud in one ear is still allowed. . . for now.

The goal is to eventually get us out of our cars.  First, they will outlaw eating and driving.  Then, you will be able to be ticketed if they see you changing the radio station while driving.  Then, a study will come out about how dangerous cars are, and individual ownership of automobiles will be outlawed, and public transportation will become mandatory, and the only approved method of travel.

Your individualism can't be tolerated.

After we become the People Mover nation, we will then move over into the Logan's Run mode, where travel outside one's locale will be restricted, or illegal.

Got your papers?  Hmmm, that gem in your palm is blinking.

What is interesting about all of this is that the liberal left is doing all they can to force people to stay in their zones (and corporations to stay in this country - remember Hillary Clinton's recommendation for an exit tax?), yet they let illegal aliens come into the country without restrictions, and are willing to import terrorism through the Syrian "refugee" agenda.

As for the ear buds in your ears, don't worry, soon you won't need them.  The internet, and your tracking device, will be implanted into your skull down the road - likely at birth, along with your mandatory vaccinations.  Either that, or you will be required to register your earphones before you can buy them, and of course you will also be required to go through a background check.

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