Monday, January 04, 2016

California's New Laws Series: Gun Seizure Without Due Process

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Gun owners may have their guns seized via a new gun violence restraining order (AB 1014): This law allows for the firearms to be taken away “for safekeeping” if a judge deems a person is at risk for violence. Under the bill, close family members and law enforcement will be eligible to seek a GVRO, which would then remain in place for up to a year. The law was passed after a mass shooting in Isla Vista.

If a family member or neighbor is a jerk, or holds a grudge against you, or is an anti-gun freak, your firearm can be confiscated based on only their complaint.  It gives the government the power over your guns like they already have over your children through Child Protective Services.

The law violates the U.S. Constitution by disregarding the fundamental right to due process.  Also, the law allows the government to define what they believe to be "at risk for violence."  In California, it won't take long before Christians, Tea Party members, military veterans, and constitutionalists will all be seen as "at risk for violence," and will have their firearms confiscated without due process, or even an allowance to say anything to his or her accusers.

The right to keep and bear arms is a natural right, God-given.

Historically, gun confiscation is often followed by governmental tyranny, since the people can no longer defend themselves.

As the State of California wallows in debt, and seeks to increase revenue, law-abiding taxpayers will be fleeing the State because of this law.

According to friends I have in Sacramento, this is nothing compared to what the Democrats have prepared for 2016 in regards to gun control.

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Allen Rogers said...

Conservatives just don't understand. It is a known fact that guns jump off of closet shelves and shoot people all by themselves. A Huffpuff news report did a story on a renegade .357 Magnum shooting a peaceful ISIS Muslim while he was enjoying recreational head chopping with a Christian preacher. All guns must go.