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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

California's New Laws Series: Hoverboard Safety Rules

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Hoverboard riders need to be at least 16, wear a helmet (AB 604, Olsen): Popular “hoverboards” or electric motorized boards are at the center of this new law, which mandates that the rider of the board be age 16 or above and requires the rider to wear a helmet. The boards can be operated at speeds of up to 15 mph on sidewalks, paths or trails, with a speed limit of no more than 35 mph. The new law states local governments and other agencies can enact further regulations restricting use of the boards in public.

When I was growing up I rode my skateboard without pads or a helmet, road my bike without a helmet, and we rode minibikes (small motorcycles) without being filled with equipment.  We didn't have to be 16, and we may have wound up with bumps and bruises every once in a while, but we didn't kill ourselves.

This new law is ridiculous, and yet another example of the controlling nature of government.

What did Governor Jerry Brown say about government control over the people?

"'Never underestimate the coercive power of the central state in the service of good." (SacBee)

The frightening thing is they actually applaud that kind of madness.

Tyranny is tyranny. . . and never forget, darkness always first appears as an angel of light.

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