Monday, January 04, 2016

California's New Laws Series: Mandatory Vaccinations

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Vaccinations will be mandatory for almost all schoolchildren, grades K-12 (SB 277, Pan): The legislation eliminates vaccination exemptions based on religious or personal beliefs. It will require all children entering kindergarten to be vaccinated unless a doctor certifies that a child has a medical condition, such as allergies, preventing it. The legislation was prompted in part by an outbreak of measles traced to Disneyland that began in late 2014 and ultimately spread to more than 130 people across the state.

I get it, vaccinations have been responsible for eradicating a number of diseases in the United States.  The leading cause for outbreaks, such as the Measles outbreak we saw that was traced back to Disneyland, however, is not due to a lack of immunizations as much as it is because of people bringing those diseases into the United States as they cross the border illegally.

Whenever government makes something mandatory, it throws up red flags for me.  The changes regarding the immunization schedule is alarming if you compare 1983's Vaccine Schedule to 2015's.

Some of the shots are for sexually transmitted diseases, and many have mercury.  The MMR vaccine has been the subject lately of a possible candidate for being among the causes of Autism.

The real kicker is that there are no longer, in California, any reason that is acceptable for a child not to be fully vaccinated with all of the shots the States requires. . . which means even religious conviction now no longer matters to these people.

No exemptions allowed, and this is for all schoolchildren.  Homeschooling is about the only way around it, now.  That loophole will close quickly, however, I am sure.

Mandatory adult vaccinations will soon follow - and only God knows what they will decide to inject into people they believe to be their political enemies.

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