Thursday, January 07, 2016

California's New Laws Series: Motor Voter Registration

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The California New Motor Voter Program means you’ll be automatically registered to vote, if qualified, via the DMV (AB 1461, Gonzalez): Assembly Bill 1461, also known as the California New Motor Voter Act, will automatically register driver’s license and identification applicants at the Department of Motor Vehicles who are eligible to vote. The program will register every voting-eligible resident who applies for or renews a driver’s license or ID card at a (DMV), with the ability to opt out, potentially adding millions of new registered voters to California’s voter rolls. (Info courtesy of Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez)

I have never believed that voting is a right.  It is a privilege, and a part of obtaining that privilege is by being a citizen of the country in which you will be voting.  Citizenship has always been a requirement in order to vote.  Sure, the new "motor voter" law in California says you'll be automatically registered to vote "if qualified."  But do we truly believe that the California government of thieves, liars and deception artists will honestly toss out any voter registration by illegal aliens?  And will the system automatically register these people as democrats?

The Democrat Party's political move here is based on a simple premise.  "If we can get more people registered, we have a better chance to get more votes."  Throw enough darts at a dart board, and eventually you'll hit it.  The thing is, informed people are either registered to vote already, or too pissed off to register and chooses not to vote.  That leaves in the pool of non-registered voters a whole bunch of uninformed people who are easily led by the nose by the Democrats.  Plus, if they are registered to vote, the Democrats can use Obamaphones to remind them to vote, thus enabling the Democrats to likely regain their "super-majority" in the State of California.

Think about it.  The Democrats always pursue the uninformed.  And they are not happy with just a majority.  They have to silence the opposition.  Overpower their political enemies.  And someday, if we allow them to, they will make opposition to the Democrat Party illegal.

If someone is informed, more often than not they don't want the snake oil promises the Democrats offer because they see right through the deception and recognize the tyranny that is being proposed.

That's why, sometimes, I am critical over the voter registration drives we see a number of Republican Clubs participate in.  I get it, the non-statist, pro-constitution crowd is not voting in full force like it should.  How many evangelicals, alone, didn't vote in the last election?  But do we really want to get anybody and everybody out to vote?  Do we really want people who are too uninformed to even know who's in what party to vote?  Remember, we have people out there that believe we won our independence from Mexico, or China.  There are Americans that believe Elvis is still alive, and when they see a picture of Vice President Joe Biden, they try to remember which movie they saw him in.

As with any other legislation regarding "voting," the goal is simple: Get to the uninformed that don't vote so that the Democrats can get more votes.  Simple as that.  And underneath, it's also a way to get more illegal aliens to vote. . . and we know how those that are willing to break the law tend to vote.

Those who break the law always gravitate to those who ignore the law.  They want the goodies.  They want the free stuff the Democrats are willing to offer with your tax dollars.

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