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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

California's New Laws Series: Rape Education

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Public high school students will learn why ‘yes means yes’ (SB 695, De Leon): This law aims to prevent rape and sexual assault through education. SB 695 will require public high school health classes to provide students instruction on affirmative consent, sexual harassment, assault, violence, and the importance of developing positive and healthy relationships. (Info courtesy of Sen. Kevin de Leon)

Notice that the same legislator who sponsored this bill sponsored the toy gun law bill.  If rape and sexual assault is such a problem, and the way to prevent it is through education, then wouldn't it seem reasonable that the way to stop gun violence and assaults would also be through education?  Where's the gun safety classes, if this class regarding rape and sexual assault is so necessary?

With the leftist Democrats, regarding this law the education will be ridiculous, and teach young women the old liberal belief that all men are rapists and molesters who just haven't acted upon it, yet (or they haven't been caught, yet). . . but these are the same people that refuse to believe that all Muslims are capable of jihad.

The problem with our culture is not that we don't understand that "no means no," and that "yes means yes."  The problem runs much deeper than that.  It has to do with our moral standards.  You want to reduce sexual crime?  Teach our children Christian-Judeo values.

Get them into church.

I am willing to bet the cases of sexual assault are more often by persons from a broken up family raised by one parent, or "other" guardians, than folks raised in a good, wholesome, Christian household.

I am also willing to believe that a better defense against rape and sexual assault is not teaching a woman how to be defensive on the topic, but to put a gun in her hand and teach her how to use it.

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