Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Chicago, Chicago, That Shootin' Town

by JASmius

Welcome to the results of "common sense gun control":

Sixteen people were shot in an eleven-hour period Monday, including two along a Safe Passage route in the West Englewood neighborhood, according to authorities.

The shootings – from Cragin on the Northwest Side to Roseland on the Far South Side – left five dead. Those shot ranged in age from sixteen to fifty-six. Several survivors were left in critical condition.

The burst of shootings came after no one was reported shot in the city through most of the day Sunday into early Monday.

Yes, that was actually a thing.

At least 228 people have been shot in January, thirty-seven of them fatally.

That's an annual 2016 pace of 3,091 shootings and 502 fatalities, on par with the last several years of Raum Emanuel's mayoralty.  And in the city with the toughest, most suffocating and confiscatory gun laws in the country, too.

That's an awfully expensive lesson for absolutely nobody to be willing to learn it.

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