Thursday, January 07, 2016

ChiComms Crash Their Fake Stock Market Again

by JASmius

As was said over forty years ago, "Only Nixon could go to [Red] China".  Well, it's a pity he can't be resurrected to go back now and decouple the U.S. from this crazy economic sabotage train:

[Red] China halted stock trading Thursday, its second daylong trading suspension this week, after prices plunged in the latest spasm of investor panic on its volatile markets.

Chi[Comm] markets have lurched up and down as regulators gradually withdraw emergency measures imposed after the main stock index plunged in June following an explosive rise.

Perhaps that panic arises from the fact that the "Chinese markets" aren't real markets, but are instead state-controlled.

And it looks like this latest plunge had its desired effect:

A similar price plunge Monday triggered a sell-off on Wall Street and other global markets.

Mission accomplished.

More details:

On Thursday, trading was suspended after a market index, the CSI 300, nose-dived 7% a half-hour after markets opened, triggering a "circuit breaker" that was introduced January 1st.

Financial analysts have warned Chi[Comm] markets are likely to see extreme volatility for a few more months as they seek a stable level following last year's rout.....

Their "stable level" will be whatever it takes to bring about the comprehensive collapse of the United States.

The "circuit breaker" requires a fifteen-minute pause in trading if the CSI 300 falls 5% within thirty minutes. Trading halted only thirteen minutes into the morning session Thursday.

Stocks plunged further after trading resumed fifteen minutes later, triggering the daylong trading freeze.

They might want to try freezing "trading" for more than just a day.  Better yet, realize that Beijing's "markets" are faker than powdered eggs.

The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index fell 7.3% to 3,115.89. The Shenzhen Composite Index for China's smaller second exchange slumped 8.3% to 1,955.88.

All these gyrations are taking place in the context of the ChiComms arming to the teeth and expanding into the South China Sea, remember.  And let us not forget the significant chunk of our massive national debt that they hold, and can cash in any time they wish.

If jerking around their fake stock market doesn't finish off our own, this will do it quite nicely.

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