Tuesday, January 19, 2016

CNN New Hampshire Poll: Bernie Sanders 60%, Hillary Clinton 33%

by JASmius

Is this survey an outlier or a harbinger of things shortly to come?:

Bernie Sanders' lead over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire is on the rise, with the Vermont senator leading the former [commissar] of state by twenty-seven points, 60% to 33%, a new CNN/WMUR poll has found.

The new poll, mostly conducted before Sunday night's debate, found Sanders' support has grown by ten points since a late-November/early December CNN/WMUR poll, which found Sanders holding 50% to [Mrs.] Clinton's 40%.

New Hampshire Democrats' views on the race are solidifying as well, with 52% saying they have definitely decided who they will support, up from 36% who felt that way in early December. Among those voters, Sanders holds an even broader 64% to 35% lead. [emphasis added]

It's definitely in keeping with the overall direction of the Democrat race, which has been turning against Mrs. Clinton at an accelerating rate in the early States.  And if this CNN poll was conducted before last Sunday's latest encounter between her and Weekend Bernie, where she looked nakedly desperate and he looked very much like the confident frontrunner and which was more or less a complete disaster for her, it is unlikely that that trend is going to suddenly reverse itself.

Ed Klein has some reinforcing anecdotal evidence:

Hillary is blaming the staff at her Brooklyn campaign headquarters for all her problems — sinking poll numbers and Bernie's endorsement by such liberal organizations as Moveon.org.

Because, of course, nothing is EVER her fault.

Morale in Brooklyn is at an all-time low. At Hillary's urging, Huma Abedin-Wiener, Hillary's "adopted daughter," is bitching at volunteers and salaried employees in Brooklyn and making their lives miserable. Several of those disaffected volunteers and employees have quit in a snit and joined the Bernie Sanders campaign....[emphasis added]

But that's not the punchline, my friends.  Oh, no:

Bill Clinton is constantly lecturing Hillary on what she's doing wrong and how she should campaign. Hillary has stopped listening to Bill; she doesn't invite him to take part in campaign conference calls. As a result, Bill has been left on his own, and the campaign never knows what he's going to say or do next. [emphases added]

Yeah, Hill, why bother listening to the advice of the greatest political tactician in American history who won two national elections and could have been president-for-life democratically?  What the heck would he know about successful campaigning?   Because, of course, Hillary Clinton knows everything,  Maybe Mr. Bill will show up at a Sanders rally in the next week.  You never know.

I'll leave you with a couple of graphs.  One on the respective net-favorability trends....

....the other on the perceived respective net-electablity trends - which, if this isn't the Empress's death knell, I don't know what is....

....and, as a late-night munchie-meal bonus, this vid featuring Mrs. Clinton and the man to whom she did everything she could forty-eight hours ago to tie herself.  Here's to "smart campaigning"!

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