Sunday, January 24, 2016

Concerned Citizen Reads "Gibbs Perspective" at SCAG Meeting

Posted by Douglas V. Gibbs

Reading of my Gibbs Perspective article begins at 5:00 minute mark.

Thank you, Tressy.  Your hard work is appreciated.

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tim brown said...

From a conservative insider's perspective (small town Mayor):

This year SCAG is holding its annual boondoggle for hundreds of Southern California Mayors at the La Costa Resort and Spa. This hug fest of "urban planners" spends two days telling local elected official about how wonderful they are, and how lucky we are to be represented by the " executive committee" ( a hand-picked group of left leaning elected officials [ often back door appointments from other nonelected hidden governments ] ). No one is ever appointed to one of these "executive committees" unless they are on board with the aspirations of the organization. Most of the mayors there spend their time dining, drinking and spaing, while mingling with their counterparts rather than listening to hours and hours of "planners" talking about "sustainability", "smart growth", "congestion pricing", "placemaking" and "big data" ( which are basically meaningless words that planners use as some kind of planning-masonic handshake that lets each other know that they are on board with the real goal of protecting each other's jobs) and further their idiotic, shortsighted, and completely unrealistic vision of the way the world should be.

At the upcoming meeting, the executive committee will offer a couple of meaningless resolutions to vote on, and ask for approval of their hand picked slate of executives for the coming year. The sad thing is that even conservative elected representation has given up making any changes to this organization or other similar hidden governments. ( In the organizations I represent, I usually get 3 or 4 of 30 votes when attempting to reign in the bureaucratic skulduggery.) Until people understand what is going on behind their back's, and take back the elected part of an elected government, there is no way to secure any kind of conservative control of the process. I've decided that the best I can do, is make a meaningless gesture, by refusing to attend.

The establishment Republicans have refused to take control and in this hypocrisy, or even publicize how things really work ( Kevin Jeffries excluded). I believe it is time for some political outsiders to come in and get shaken up by what they find. Our existing politicians know how the game is played but find it convenient to say little nothing. I'm voting for Trump and crossing my fingers.