Friday, January 29, 2016

Demotion Of Disgraced VA Executives Reversed

by JASmius

At the Veterans Administration you may not be able to "fire your way to excellence" or "prosecute your way to justice," but you sure as shinola can sue your way to reinstatement:

The Merit Systems Protection Board has overturned the Veterans Affairs [Commissariat]’s decision to demote Kimberly Graves, a former senior executive accused of using her position for personal gain.

The reversal means that Graves, the former director of the Veterans Benefits Administration’s St. Paul, Minnesota, regional office, will be reinstated to the Senior Executive Service. An MSPB administrative judge issued the oral decision on Wednesday after a hearing in Chicago; the court transcript of the ruling should be available on MSPB’s website by Friday…

It’s not yet clear what the MSPB judge’s rationale was for reversing the commissariat’s decision.

I would imagine it had either a plethora of dollar signs, ecstatic bodily fluids, or blackmailing in close proximity to it.  An identical decision for Diana Rubens, Miss Graves' partner in crime, is expected early next week.

And, as you've probably already deduced, the Merit Systems Protection Board is not limited to the V.A.:

The Merit Systems Protection Board is an independent, quasi-judicial agency in the Executive branch that serves as the guardian of Federal merit systems…

The Board assumed the employee appeals function of the Civil Service Commission and was given new responsibilities to perform merit systems studies and to review the significant actions of OPM. The CSRA also created the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) which investigates allegations of prohibited personnel practices, prosecutes violators of civil service rules and regulations, and enforces the Hatch Act. Although originally established as an office of the Board, the OSC now functions independently as a prosecutor of cases before the Board.

Remember what I concluded seven weeks ago: "This also, in turn, helps explain why there has been no reform of and at the V.A. in the year and a half since the original V.A. scandal broke. And why would there be when the culture in that agency is indistinguishable from the the imperious, morally supremacist, royally entitled mentality that permeats the entire Obama Regime? If you want genuine reform at the V.A., you're going to have to wield your ax a lot higher in the chain of command than Sloan F'ing Gibson."  I'd say that case has been closed.

Exit thought: Become a conservative, go to college, learn a profession, seek an honest living in the private sector, scratch and claw your way to a nice, comfortable career niche, earn a decent living for twenty years, then get (in vocational terms) anally raped out of it by an overweight, balding corporate pimp; or undergo "race (and gender) reassignment," become a liberal, go to college, go into government, allow your ideology and skin color and "new gender" to waft you to the upper bureaucratic echelons, and be unfireable or even undemotable even if you moonlight as an ax murderer.  Boy, did I take the wrong tine at that fork in the road thirty-two years ago.

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