Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Donald Trump, The Great Unifier

by JASmius

And here we thought it was impossible to bring Democrats and Republicans together to agree on anything.  Perhaps The Donald is a miracle worker after all, as both seem to have concluded that the billionaire slumlord is a lying, loudmouthed, narcissistic blowhard.

From the GOP today we have former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu, who does the yeoman's work of continuing to pound away at the stark truth that Donald Trump is not a Republican, not a conservative, and is a Democrat stalking horse for Hillary Clinton:

John Sununu — whom Donald Trump has insinuated is unintelligent — fired back on Monday, calling the billionaire developer and Republican presidential candidate a "lefty liberal" who's "thin-skinned" and "all mouth."...

Sununu acknowledged Trump, the Republican presidential co-front-runner, is doing very well on the campaign trail with his "hot rhetoric" but said the mogul is no conservative.

Sununu added, "he has no substance, he has no plan, he's all mouth, he's thin-skinned. Trump likes to brag that he can't be bought because he's so rich.

"[Russian President Vladimir] Putin proved [Trump is] the cheapest guy in politics today with ten cents worth of flattery. Putin had him sucked up all the way. This is a guy that you can't have as commander in chief."...

"All his life he's been a lefty liberal, he supports ObamaCare, he's all for eminent domain, he has told us he's very pro-[amnesty]. This guy has been a lifelong liberal on immigration and now he's a conservative all of a sudden?

"He criticized Mitt Romney for being tough on immigration and said that Mitt Romney was going to lose the Latino vote because he was so tough on immigration. This guy's a phony. I hope the voters will begin to see that."

If conservative principles ever mean anything again to them, perhaps they will.  If loopy emotionalism, entertainment value, and irrational hatred for their own party's leadership continues to dominate what passes for their thought process, it's unlikely.  And yes, I am aware that Governor Sununu is a GOP establishment guy and thus not the best spokesman by whom to attempt interventions with Trumplicans to turn them away from their destructive, rampaging course.  But his words are true and wise in this instance.  Y'all would do well to heed them and take them to heart.

And, representing the Democrat Party, and coming from the "even a stopped clock is right twice a day"department, the one, the only (thank God), the forty-fourth POTUS, and the man who will never go away - EVER - Barack Hussein Obama:

When asked what he thinks about when he ponders the prospect of a Trump presidency, Obama replies, "I can imagine it in a Saturday Night Live skit."

Governor Sununu provides the details, Red Barry affixes the headline.  Bipartisan cooperation at its most unexpected.  And Donald Trump was the one who made it possible.

Just imagine what he'll accomplish as Bernie Sanders' Treasury Commissar, my Trumplican friends.  Because you're the ones doing your utmost to put him there.

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