Friday, January 15, 2016

Email of the Week: The Emperor's Fake Tears

By Douglas V. Gibbs

In politics, perception is everything.  In liberal leftism, yanking on the emotions of the public is everything.  As President Obama gave his speech about gun control, and how he plans to push it with executive actions despite congressional opposition, he was crying like a baby. . .

Or was he?

As the tears fell, the uninformed and the leftists all likely thought to themselves, "Ahhh, look at that, this really has hit him in his heart.  He really cares!"  Conservatives generally thought, "Wussy!"  Afterward, pretty much every right-winger I talked to said, "they were fake tears."

Those racists!

The Democrats love Hollywood, and the Hollywood liberals love the Democrats. Interestingly enough, it was a Hollywood trick, obvious when one watches the video, that made Obama cry.

He did what most do in Hollywood to "cry". They put ammonia on their fingers, then run it under their noses and in the corners of the eyes. Many called it as soon as they saw the clip. Pathetic.

Hollywood also sometimes uses a stick, much like lipstick, but it has menthol in it and you can swipe some of that on your finger, wipe your eye as he does, and then it will melt and the fumes make tears.

Watch as at the beginning he uses the pads of his fingers to wipe the substance under his eyes, and then switches to the right hand once the tears are flowing because the material is on the pads of his fingers of his left hand:

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