Friday, January 22, 2016

Emailgate May Have A Death Toll

by JASmius

So now we know what heretofore we merely strongly suspected: Hillary Clinton was willing to kill to keep the secrets she wanted to keep - i.e. from congressional Republicans - by deliberately exposing those about which the law required her to give a damn - i.e. national security and intelligence information, contacts, and operatives - but couldn't be bothered to do so:

At least one of the emails on Hillary Clinton’s private server contained extremely sensitive information identified by an intelligence agency as “HCS-O,” which is the code used for reporting on human intelligence sources in ongoing operations, according to two sources not authorized to speak on the record.

Both sources are familiar with the intelligence community inspector general’s January 14th letter to Congress, advising the Oversight committees that intelligence beyond Top Secret — known as Special Access Program (SAP) — was identified in the [Rodham] emails, as well the supporting documents from the affected agencies that owned the information and have final say on classification.

According to a December 2013 policy document released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence: “The HSC-0 compartment (Operations) is used to protect exceptionally fragile and unique IC (intelligence community) clandestine HUMINT operations and methods that are not intended for dissemination outside of the originating agency.”

It is not publicly known whether the information contained in the [Rodham] emails also revealed who the human source was, their nationality or affiliation.

HUMINT, again, refers to intelligence operatives - secret agents, deep cover agents, double-agents on the other side, and in an all-around sense, people who are gathering and relaying intelligence we cannot obtain by technical means and who are, by definition, in extremely hazardous circumstances should their cover get blown and the enemy find out what they're doing and catch them.  Which is most, if not all, of why the intel they disseminate is so highly classified, because such HUMINT sources are exceedingly rare and therefore exceedingly valuable.

And all of that beyond and above top, top, TOP secret information also flowed through Mrs. Clinton's unsecured "homebrew" server in the basement of her house in Chappaqua, New York.  Which means God knows how many of those priceless HUMINT resources are probably dead or worse as a result, seeing as how our all our enemies were reading ALL of Mrs. Clinton's emails right along with each day's morning headlines:

HUGH HEWITT: One of your colleagues, Mike Morell, said on this program, or actually agreed with my assertion that almost certainly, Russians, ChiComms, and Iranians had compromised the homebrew server of the former [Commissar] of State. He agreed with that. Do you agree with his assessment of my assessment?

ROBERT GATES: Well, given the fact that the [Obam]agon acknowledges that they get attacked about 100,000 times a day, I think the odds are pretty high.

HH: And so if they had real time access to her server, would that have compromised national security?

RG: Well, again, it would depend entirely on what she put on there. And I just, I haven’t read any of these emails, so I don’t know what was on those servers.

Everything was on that "homebrew" server.  So our enemies got everything.  No espionage operation could ever have been so comprehensively and universally successful.  This was an inside job that they didn't even have to plant or carry out.  It was gifted to them by the Obama Regime and the woman who wants to continue its treasonous legacy.

La Clinton Nostra appears to have finally given up on trying to ridiculously insist that no classified information flowed through and has now taken to ludicrously insisting that information MARKED as classified flowed through, but it was all "innocuous":

The classified material included in the latest batch of Hillary Clinton emails flagged by an internal watchdog involved discussions of CIA drone strikes, which are among the worst kept secrets in Washington, senior U.S. officials briefed on the matter tell NBC News. The officials say the emails included relatively "innocuous" conversations by State [Commissariat] officials about the CIA drone program, which technically is considered a "Special Access Program" because officials are briefed on it only if they have a "need to know." As a legal matter, the U.S. government does not acknowledge that the CIA kills [jihadis]ts with drones. The fact that the CIA conducts drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen, however, has long been known. Senior officials, including Senator Dianne Feinstein and former CIA Director Leon Panetta, have publicly discussed CIA drones.The classified material included in the latest batch of Hillary Clinton emails flagged by an internal watchdog involved discussions of CIA drone strikes, which are among the worst kept secrets in Washington, senior U.S. officials briefed on the matter tell NBC News...On Tuesday, Senator Feinstein, ranking Democrat on the intelligence committee, criticized the original Fox News story about the Inspector General's letter as partisan, and said "none of the emails that are alleged to contain classified information were written by [Commissar Rodham]."

First, one wonders how Hillary's campaign staffers know the contents of the emails in question that are so top secret that even members of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees had to have their clearances upgraded to review them in order to judge how "innocuous" they are or aren't.  Second, whether she and her staffers think SAP emails are "innocuous" and don't need to be classified is irrelevant because that wasn't her call, and the law required her to to take all the necessary security safeguards regarding them, starting with not routing them through and storing them on an unsecured private server about which nobody knew a damn thing except our friends in Moscow, Beijing, Tehran, Pyongyang, Raqqa, and who knows where else.  Third, she knowingly, willfully, and flagrantly broke that law bordering on fourteen hundred occasions.  It may have cost the lives of numerous intelligence sources and operatives and catastrophically compromised U.S. national security.

And, God damn it, that is more important than one bulldyke's insatiable lust for power.

Will Loretta Lynch see it that way?

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