Sunday, January 24, 2016

European Union To Collapse In Six To Eight Weeks?

by JASmius

Whether it's by drowning in debt or by drowning in Muslims and European shed blood, there's only so much that a country can take, and the E.U. is not a country but an entirely artificial construct that has no inherent cohesion beyond ideological conceit.  And that conceit is what a growing number of Euros are acknowledging could by the E.U.'s death knell in the very near future;

Time is running out to solve Europe's [Muslim] crisis with the unity of the continent hanging in the balance, top officials at the elite World Economic Forum in Davos said Friday.

The solution is obvious - complete deportation.  The only question is one of will, which obviously doesn't exist.  The interim solution is to cut off the influx.  That is the context in which this debate is taking place, and that there even is a debate is a clear indication of where this crisis is headed.

Discussions about the waves of [Muslims] still making their way to Europe were on many people's lips in the Swiss ski resort, with opinions ranging from calls for an ageing Europe to seize an opportunity to stark warnings of impending disaster.

Seize an opportunity for what?  Committing cultural suicide?  What good is "cheap labor" if they won't assimilate and become Europeans, or at least Muslim apostates, as opposed to Islamic Fundamentalists?  That's short-term myopia at best.

"We have a few weeks to concretely deliver our options... otherwise you have country-by-country solutions (and that is) the beginning of the dismantling for sure," Emmanuel Macron, the French economy minister, told an audience of billionaires and business leaders.

Kick in the front door and the whole rotten structure collapses.

The incessant flow of now over one million [jihadist-infested Muslims] to Europe from [ISIS-occupied] Syria and Iraq has handed the EU yet another crisis, following last year's debt battles with Greece and the face-off with Russia over Ukraine....

The former of which they kicked down the road by coughing up more debt, the latter of which can only be resolved militarily, for which the E.U. or even NATO does not remotely possess the capability.  So the Muslim invasion is not "following" any crisis, but is concurrent with the others.

Macron’s bleak assessment followed a warning by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who said Europe only had six to eight weeks left to solve the [Muslim] problem.

“When spring comes and the numbers quadruple, we cannot as the EU cope with the numbers any longer,” Rutte said. [emphasis added]

Then the E.U. is doomed, because they will never take the steps necessary to actually deal with this problem that they have entirely brought upon themselves.

How do I know that Europe has reached its existential tipping point?  Even Dr. Evil is admitting it:

George Soros, the eighty-five-year-old financier and one-time refugee, told a dinner of big players that the numbers of migrants were now dangerously high.

“We have passed a tipping point where the influx reduces the capacity of the countries to assimilate or integrate the refugees,” he said.

“There is panic (in Europe),” he said darkly.

Yahoo evidently left out his maniacal laughter.....

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